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    Solidar E-Commerce Marketplace

    I open this topic for updates about the project. The initial idea discussed between me, @Rik8119 and @fedde was to create a Multivendor Marketplace using an ecommerce platform (the one chosed by Fredrik Bodin was Opencart), in which goods and services' payment will be possible using two currencies both, a fiat currency and solidar. This will be possible implementing a modified split payment plugin. Ordinary split payment plugins give a way to pay with cash and cards both and was used first on offline POS. The modified split payment plugin will give a way to pay some partly in a fiat currency (euro, dollar, etc) and partly in solidar. In that way we think we could spread the adoption of solidar, because lots of phisical goods have a fiat currency production/distribution chain behind, so is needed to give vendors partly fiat currencies. When chains will be closed with solidar, the percentuage of solidar will increase.
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    New website for Solidar

    some feedback to the new website: I would focus on the first page on the registration to the universal dividend. Just look at google, keep it simple and focus on the most important. What we want is sign ups! I would also add a counter on the signed up people, thats what we want to increase I would also describe the basic data, like coins in circulation, coins given out in UD last month, UD per month.
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