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    IMHO the question is who decides what to support. I think this could be done best and most transparent by local governments. The idea that lives in my mind is to split the payment 50/50 between UBI for people and "UBI for communities" (Amount of people define the payout amount). This way the acceptance of the currency can be maximized. We are competing with the USD directly, so we need all the support we can get. @Bicknellski, there is a very easy way to reduce energy consumption for mining to a sustainable level: Reduce profitability by splitting mining reward like it was with Freidoin and is still with Solidar. Other things that could be done is POS or a mix. Or some alternative like circles or circarda are trying. Although the most convenient i heard of is the split payment. Problem here: its not decentralized. But there are many ideas - like identifying people decentralized. Although it will took some time for one of these alternatives to prove itself, we will adopt as soon as there is a well-tried solution.
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