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  1. We will start using our own Exchange soon. We are doing testing right now. Ask Fedde to join the trial. Faster we get it up and running the better. http://beta.freiexchange.com/
  2. Hopefully we have FRC exchange up and running soon. You can sell there when it has been full kink /bug/issue free.
  3. Still no 64bit version or solution to use NEW wallet. Sadly this has to be fixed sooner than later.
  4. I think we are already trying to do that within the Freicoin Alliance. We are already committed to doing a number of projects using FRC. That is where I think I would spend my time. I don't think we need to add more complexity to what we already have. We need to work on FRC and the things we already have in place. I invite anyone who wants to add to FRC to join us in our effort. We in the FRC Alliance are keen on working towards Universal Income and we have as a key point in our plans. But to do that we need a viable coin. FRC needs an active pool, exchange, forum and needs to be listed for
  5. Leaderboard! Am I last? "Ran an update." - Grammar Nazi
  6. More glamour shots of the chocolates. These photos will be used for a photographic business' 2017 calendar. I will try and get some free copies of it to send to you guys. These are not the final touched up photos just the raw ones if you can imagine these being any better.
  7. Yes that is correct and the foundation with the tiny community need to address that very issue as has been mentioned many times in many other posts. Problem being with just a handful of miners and only 1 or 2 on the foundation things will not be done in the best interest of 1000's of potential future users. Then again the coin is dead at this point anyhow so I am not sure if any of this really matters if we can't get more users. 1. I was of the opinion that besides demurrage we were going to see new features that would make FRC more interesting to a wider range of users, but nothing has mov
  8. Still can't sweep a paper wallet into the *Android FRC Wallet app and I have no way of setting a new FRC wallet on my 64 Bit WIn10 laptop because the new wallet software is 32 bit only. HELP!
  9. You are welcome. We are definitely interested in it but I still see no way to use the WLC or FRC as a currency to help people when it is nearly impossible to exchange easily into Rupiah for use here in Indonesia. Can we somehow work on that first?
  10. Ok now time to make the coin useful. We just had to use BTC instead of FRC to make a micro loan possible and we just paid off the micro loan in BTC. I would prefer using FRC but that is nearly impossible. There are zero exchanges and only a handful of miners. Sadly I don't know how much more we need to do to get real traction on FRC with users but this issuance seem to be a hollow benchmark when we have a small number of of people actually using FRC. The coins we hold right now are for all intents and purposes worthless.
  11. Dear Lenders I have repaid the loans. Please verify. Arcurus Address: 1CYAXos2UoDYpBB8qoExR3TSyBWoEJHMQq Fedde Address: 1CjPD6TU42wgu68nrT2uQeUduCL4UF1jH6 Fabrizio Address: 1LYonRy8qoU7H2yt9yY3oHM1BbSGNXTh9K Rik8119 Address: 1NBRiWWsQdEEAQU8KtWGg9xHQrrhYEWnG7 I will use 95$ USD as agreed to make repayment. I will use http://www.coindesk.com/price/ roughly: 747.53 for everyone and I paid the tx fees on top of this. Not liking that they have really made it very pronounced in the Bitcoin Core application in terms of making fee
  12. Finished pralines and chocolate bars ready to ship. More awesome news. Two orders totalling 13 more boxes of 9 came in Monday (today as of post). And we have shipped the 50 boxes of the big order so we will continue working hard to clear that order this week and next. So that should get us very close to our goal of breaking even on the Chocolate School training and we will once we clear these orders we will repay the loan in full to you guys on or about the first week of December.
  13. Big order just came in. 600 Pralines to be delivered by this Sunday, November the 13th. Ugh... that means my wife and I will be doing some extra work to fulfill the order as we can't expect our students to work full time on pralines obviously. We will have the students do some in afternoon. From this order we should have enough to repay the whole loan early. In about 2 weeks. I will update next week.
  14. Orders are all filled. We are now shipping them. Loan Repayment: We will be ready to make a +50% (or more) loan repayment by December or January. We have made about 800.000Rp so far, although this not even close to half the total loan it is good start and we are confident we will see an increase in orders for December / January time frame. Also Note: We will be shifting production from our fall flavors to Holiday, Christmas and New Year flavors. These are slight variations on the originals and some completely new flavors. 4 Chocolate Bars: Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate
  15. 1. Brochure. I will pass along the "balance" suggested edit to the kids and see what they think. We printed only a test number at the moment and looking for a better printer in the area. We took a number of photos and the pictures are off balanced just to include the shadow. The lighting was terrible that time of day. Maybe we need to do more pictures with more light. 2. Website / Payment Gateways. Yes it is a great idea if we have time and interest. Again in a Montessori environment the students will not be told or instructed to do something. I will suggest it and get their feedback to see
  16. Orders as of Thursday October 27, 2016: Order #1 5 boxes of 12 assorted pralines 6 chocolate bars Order #2 1 box of 9 orange pralines 3 chocolate bars Order #3 1 box of 12 assorted pralines Order #4 6 boxes of 9 caramel pralines 3 chocolate bars Order #5 10 boxes of 12 assorted pralines Note: Shipping might be expensive from Indonesia but if people are willing to bare the expense we believe the chocolates will be okay in transit to Europe and North America but I will check shipping costs if anyone is interested fo
  17. Samples are nearly done. We have done some taste testing and we have to say. We did a reasonable job. We will need to get more control over our tempering temperature and need to get the moisture out of the fridge when we are chilling the pralines. Next we will send out samples to prospective schools who want our chocolates and we will provide free seminars on chocolate making for kindergardens and elementary students. We will keep you posted. As for buying? Sure I guess you can. I can't make certain the chocolates won't melt in transit that i
  18. Note we have made test Ganache. We will do sample pralines next week and send out samples to potential customers as well.
  19. Withdrawal will take a day to clear. Not willing to wait for price to go back up I have feeling BTC will drop so I sold today after waiting 3 days to sell at better price. I hope on buying back in with Rupiah for BTC that the price is in our favor. Time Type Price BTC IDR 27-Sep-16 08:01 Sell 7,818,400 0.34394926 2,689,132 27-Sep-16 08:01 Sell 7,821,000 0.10880207 850,941 27-Sep-16 08:01
  20. Thanks Fedde received. We will converting the BTC today and moving the Rupiah off the exchange as well. We will post transactions as soon as possible. The current exchange has dropped some since we started the loan to 7,803,500Rp per 1 BTC. So I will try and sell higher to get our 5,000,000 Rp target. If it doesn't look likely to go back up I will sell at lower rate this weekend just clear the money through and get it off exchange.
  21. If it makes your job easier then yes.
  22. October / November Praline Ganache Recipes Caramel Ganache 120g sugar 50g glucose 50g cream (35%), warmed 2 tbsp butter 80ml caramel 100g milk chocolate (35%) 12 milk or dark chocolate shells Orange Caramel Ganache 120g sugar 50g glucose 50g cream (35%), warmed 2 tbsp butter 80ml orange juice 100g white chocolate 1 tbsp finely grated orange zest 1/2 tsp ground clove 1/8 tsp groun all spice 1/8 tsp sea salt 12 whi
  23. Thanks Fedde, Got your payment. Updating loan agreement and will be converting Bitcoin to Rupiah and moving the Rupiah out today.
  24. We have a short list of items to buy: Ingredients Dark Compound Chocolate Milk Compound Chocolate White Compound Chocolate Cream Assorted ganache flavorings Nuts Dried fruit Pumpkin filling Smoke flavor Spices Sea salt Glucose Maple syrup Food coloring for decoration Color dust for decoration Tools Variety of Polycarbonate and Silicone Chocolate Molds for bonbons and pralines. Scraper 2x Baking Thermometers Piping bags We will be shopping on Friday for items.
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