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[Developer-Bounty] Freicoin Bounty - Mobile Wallet - Done

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Sorry i was referring to the calculation of the demurrage. That is one calculation each block and after a few thousand blocks this is getting to much for the app to caculate and it is asking to shut down. Though i tested it only with my WLC wallet, i think this could also be an issue for FRC wallet. I will do the issue report as soon as i tested it further and i have the time.

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Hey guys, I updated the seed nodes and added Vircurex exchange rate like fedde asked me to. Download is here: https://github.com/FreicoinAlliance/freicoin-wallet/releases/tag/v0.2.1

As i want to establish some essential tools for Freicoin in general and i think it's about time that we involve some development not just of the coin, but make it easier to use and develop on. (yeah,

Cool beans! I'll release a working version very soon

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