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CMS Solar Genset, Tracker and Ebike Project

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Here is our next project plan at CMS for Indonesia that we have started working on.


Mission: Provide a prototype for a portable solar array for rural or remote areas in Indonesia that have underserviced / overly expensive electrical infrastructure.


1. Develop a prototype of the a portable solar array.

2. Share the design and build process with local NGO's in Indonesia.

3. Gather donations to help prototyping and support a train the trainers program to have local trainers spread the design and build throughout Indonesia.


Creative Commons Design: SOLN1 v3  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-Y5TvWpWoQ#t=109


SOLN1 v3





Our first solar 50W panel. We bought it used for 250,000 Rp. This will be the base of the portable solar power generator.



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Bick, are you thinking of maybe funding this project with the microloan project as well? Or maybe applying / allowing donations for it? I'd be happy to contribute towards this ^^
We now also have section for free / atlernative energy, so I'd be happy to see some updates/progress posts.. or just some planning talk in there :) 

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We have completed the build for the basics for the solar charger but we have 1 dead LiFePo4 battery that we need to get RMA on so I am working on that. We also got a quote on installing a solar array at our school.


Here is the 50W panel battery pack charging power banks from used laptop batteries we repurposed.



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