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Registration of the Freination Project

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following the suggestion from Marc, to separate the projects here is an suggestion to register the Freination (fromer Freirepublic) / Freieconomy project:

As always, please feel free to comment!


All the good,



The main goal of the Freination Project is help to propagate a Common Good Economy called Freieconomy based on the ideals of Silvio Gesell to enable fair participation of all people.


In short:


- Encourage cooperation

- Encourage transparency

- Encourage helping the underprivileged

- Encourage sharing of knowledge

- Encourage decentralization

- Encourage the use of Freesoftware

- Encourage the use of virtual democracy platforms


- Encourage an fair and sustainable economy
- Encourage moving from harming to an non harming economy!

- Encourage the propagation of Freicoin

- Encourage basic income experiments


More details you can find here:


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