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[Freirepublic] Freieconomy - Help to propagate a Common Good Economy

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Hi all,
here is an proposal for Freieconomy. The main goal is Help to propagate a Common Good Economy and bring use-cases to Freicoin.
The Freieconomy is based on 5 columns to cover each aspect of Freicoin.
I put in some suggestions for caretakers, if you want to take care of an project please contact me or post here.

Freieconomy - Help to propagate a Common Good Economy

Freicoin Alliance Micro Loan Program (Caretaker Bick + Arc + you?)
Freicoin Alliance Micro Loan Program - Get up to 25% extra for common good projects on your choice!


Freipay - Support a Common Good Economy [1] (Caretaker Fab + Arc + you?)

Use Freipay and get up to 25% extra for common good projects on your choice!


Freiinvest - Support Ethical Investments [1](Suggested caretaker Arc + you?)

Use Freiinvest and get up to 25% extra for common good projects on your choice!


Freicoin Alliance Freimining Program (Suggested caretaker Arc + you?)

Join Freimining and get up to 25% extra for common good projects on your choice!


Freicoin Alliance Basic Income / World Citizens Project [2] (Arc + you?)

Sign up and get up to 1 Freihour*  per month for common good projects on your choice!


*  The Freihour is intended to be used if we need some more stable unit of account. Currently (2014/12/16) an Freihour equal round about 5000 Freicoins.

An Freihour reflects an average working hour and is currently defined as purchasing power of round about 10 Dollar on 2014/12/06.

As time comes inflation will be calculated in it, therefore the related Dollar / Freicoin value may increase in case of inflation or decrease in case of deflation.

A discussion and more updated information about the Freihour can be found here:



In the beginning we could use the Freicoin Alliance as an "umbrella" for the projects as long as the projects keep small. If the projects grow we can register them separately, this would also give more transparency in the longer run.

In short the first three columns could be described like that:
If Freicoin is used to make an ethical investment, an zero percent micro loan or an purchase*, the Freicoin Alliance (for example) gives up to 25%  extra Freicoins to an on the Freicoin Foundation Web or the Freicoin Alliance registered project on the users choise**.
* The goal is to encourage cooperation, sharing of knowledge and a non harming fair economy. Therefore only payments which fit to this ethical rules are supported by the Alliance.
Proxy payments to Bitcoin or other currencies (even Fiat currencies) is possible if an payment handler is found.

How this could be handled is described in the Freipay project [1]

The main goals of investments / loans should be:
- Encourage an fair economy.
- Encourage an non harming economy! 
- Encourage cooperation.
- Encourage transparency

- Encourage sharing of knowledge

- Encourage decentralization

- Encourage proagation of Freicoin

... Feel free to add

To finance these projects the "donation" matching of the Freicoin Foundation could be used if the Freicoin Foundation gives its ok.
The problem I see here is, that these would be no real "donations", its more like voting with Freicoins though using Freicoins.
Also currently no redonations should be used, that can also hinder this project.
Still I think that all these projects would fit perfectly to the mission statement of the Freicoin Foundation* and will give real use-cases to Freicoin.
What do you think?
Best regards,

*"The Freicoin Foundation seeks to create a world where commonplace non-usurious complementary currencies inspired by the works of Silvio Gesell are brought into being through economic development, charitable action, and the support of global commons and which engender perpetual prosperity through sustainable development"

[1] http://freicoinalliance.com/topic/7-freicoin-alliance-will-support-payments-investments-donations-in-freicoin/

[2] http://freicoinalliance.com/topic/60-what-happened-with-all-the-economic-discussions/

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I'll happily work with / as caretaker for the Common Good Economy projects :)

I'd still have some questions/wonders how the Freipay would work for this.. should we try to arrange a hangout / chat on IRC about this during the week? :)


How about tomorrow?

I will be there in the irc.

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Yes I am interested in caretaking the micro loan program. 


Our students are very keen on seeing how we can create a way for local school aged children or families to get help so they can start businesses and help their children get higher levels of education.

That would be a great thing!

The next we should do is start registering the 5 outlined projects above, so that the Freicoin Foundation can make an decicion if they support them.

Personally I will concentrate on the basic income project, because I think here we have the best chance to propagate Freicoin and on the same time do a lot of good.

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Does the project you are proposing enhance or improve communities / groups / individuals in the following areas?

1. Education
2. Power
3. Food
4. Water
5. Shelter
6. Poverty (Basic Income)


The aeroponic strawberry tower project.

The project our school is planning will provide educational benefits for participating schools. 

The project will provide basic income for poorer families by selling the strawberries.

The project will provide recycling of Li-ion batteries into packs to power the tower. Larger packs with solar could be built to power LED lighting for for those under-serviced areas and be used to grow strawberries as well.

The project could also provide income to those building the towers when purchased by businesses looking to demarcate their parking spaces.

The project will show how to lower water usage with aeroponics. If copied it could help reduce water usage in urban or rural settings for food production.

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