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Ideas for offering possibilities for economic participation in different communities

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Posting this thread here in the Economy section instead Freicoin directly, since these ideas should be usable for other communities with similar goals as well :)
Today there would be lots of opportunities to offer simple common good tasks for the unemployed and other people looking to supplement their income. Be it whatever that causes the governments to be slow to react, they're not seemingly aiming to adopt these technologies anytime in the near future.. but hopefully, we should already be able to establish some parts of the changes we want to see within our local communities ourselves :)
Like we've seen from late Bitcoin happenings, it's very useful to provide clear explanations and examples of the things and thoughts you're trying to convey. Good graphics are often very illuminating ;)
So yeah, lets get some ideas going on how to allow more possibilities for anyone within a community to participate - and get rewarded - in common-good activities.
The ideas can be about anything random that could be useful to someone, dont need to be that detailed and can be oneliners, so short ideas and comments are also very welcome! :) 

The aim here is to come up with the different needs for different kinds of communities, to lay out the features needed in a platform(s) to accommodate these ideas.
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Heres an example to start with. Shoutout to #MAZA peeps, idea'd this thought around with them on their IRC channel :)
In many places around the world it is still pretty common to have to use diesel/petrol/gas generators for having electricity in the house even for whats considered basic needs in "modern" world.. for lights, cooking, shower, charging the laptop, phone or other mobile devices, etc. Theres even places like this in the midst of the western societies, in US too, with pretty dire situations in communities.. like in the Native American reservations.
Today, there is great small alternatives out there for producing and managing electricity instead of using these fossil fuel powered generators and such :)
Batteries and capacitators are becoming more and more efficient and cheaper and it's pretty easy to DIY an batterypack that can handle running the lights of the house, charging mobile devices and other small electrics. DIY batterypacks powerful enough to run heavy load cooking appliances get pretty expensive.. but we'll start with the small things first! (Tesla has done some cool advancements too in the scene, check out their PowerWall https://www.teslamotors.com/powerwall)
Where would the batteries be charged?
Thats where the opportunities are! Individuals could start to think up ways on how to generate power cheaply and efficiently.. and offer that as a service.
For example, someone who cycles to work or otherwise likes cycling, could purchase a couple of batteries, small bicycle generator and the needed electronics for hooking them up to ones bike for less than 50usd.
One could use the power to save on electricity costs oneself, or then "rent" those charged batteries to someone who has the need. Since being a cyclist, one could offer home delivery and/or on-site services too :) Added bonus for deliveries, more power generated on the "work" trip.
One that would be beneficial for common health as well, would be to have small generators installed on exercise equipment in gyms and such. Gym keepers could offer a battery charging service on the side and offer discounts to the gymnists. Or alternatively sponsor local sports events.. or offer free memberships for the poor.. or getting for some inspirational athlete to visit the gym/school, etc. etc. :)
If the gym itself would be an community owned / common good project with transparent fund management, it could be easily used to fund or drive other projects in that local community by voting ^^
Another obvious would be solar/wind/atmospheric/water/etc. energy generation. Staring investment would be bigger, but with a small group to benefit together, should be relatively cheap :)
The group could offer to charge batteries / supply energy for the bigger community for a small fee.
For an energy/tech enthusiasts there would also be opporturnity to teach and/or build alternative energy generators to others.
Could be started somewhat simply first:
Website for the community to list their services/"businesses"/charging stations
- Allow anyone to create a profile with social media (facebook) like information
 -- Like requiring to selecting profile "type": individual/co-op/business/etc (for easier searching/filtering for users)
- Allow anyone (or additionally require confirm by the community, etc) to list an advert/offer
 -- Require pricing in [price / kW/h] or similar easy-to-compare price
 -- Require location
 -- Require delivery range if applicable
- Allow anyone list and search for adverts
- Have a "shopping" basket / allow payment to be made on the platform, but also allow the payment to be f2f.


Simple example :) So that could ofcourse be extended and detailed more, like which blockchain related and/or opensource tools to use, but main point is to get some ideas rolling! We can later iron the platform requirements after getting more different ideas for use cases and feature needs :)

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Little shorter idea example: Offering IT support or other remote/online help


Platform that would allow profiles to be made and online/available presence to be set. Would also need a chat system for easy way to contact the individuals offering support/expertizes.

Would allow people to earn little extra income when needed from time to time. 

Example: Someone could set up a profile and advertize common IT-Support. When the one would have extra time along the day, like when killing time on the internets, one would login to the platform -> change online status to available. If someone on the platform would need help, they could contact the person available -> agree on price (smart contracts? :)) -> do the task via remote connection (teamviewer for example).


Could allow both "Help available" and "Help needed" postings to be listed.

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Ohh yeah, and one further idea related to the energy generation opportunities and maximizing energy efficiency in relations to benefits from crypto side:


In areas where electrical heating for houses is needed, heat generated by miners could be used.

So a platform to allow "I can host miners" and "I have miners to be hosted" adverts could be useful.
For example, if one would have an old miner that draws 1000W from the wall and the local kW/h price is 10 cents -> one could put an advert to pay someone 2 cents for each kW/h used by the miner. Basically offering a 20% discount for part of the heating costs.

When someone would agree to host the miner -> deliver the miner and get it running -> When electricity bill comes, the hoster pays it normally -> gets money back from the miners owner.


Naturally, someone with a way to generate a lot of power cheaply could post hosting adverts.

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Adding one more in relations to the mining and using the head for useful co-projects. I had this running in small scale last winter (thread here: https://freicoinalliance.com/topic/63-query-of-interest-mining-organic-farming-project/). 

So the idea is:
In areas where it gets sub zero temperatures in winter time, or are generally too cold climates to grow certain plants, establishing an green room that is heated by mining equipment would allow several benefits.

Even if the mining gear is second hand / older generation of miners, you still get discount in the electrical bill. Depending on the starting budget, it could be cheaper than the alternative heating methods in many places from what I gather? If able to buy higher efficiency miners that is :)
This would also support the decentralization of mining (via shared mining systems*) and allow other common-good oriented projects to be started and supported.


*Share system: platform which the people participating in the group buy/shared investment use for automatically distribute the mining income based on the % of the price of the mining equipment individual had paid.
(FA/fedde has a working platform for this already BTW :))

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Chillies PERRKELE! ;)
And yeah, saved a bunch on the heating bill + the chillies was fraction of the price compared to buying from grocery store :)
If buying all the equipment solo, its a pretty hefty bill (miner + tent/grow room setup + light(s) + pots, grow medium, seeds/plants, etc. + power costs) to start if one is living in poverty. However, with crowdfunding/crowdlending or sharing costs with co-op its a great way to start aiming for self-sustainability :) It pays back the investment after few grow cycles.

It's not too rare anymore to see restaurants, markets and other food businesses to have their own small indoor- or rooftop farms in the cities nowdays. So when combining the mining+farming idea with an restaurant start up or co-op, you could have even more savings along with better benefits and possibilities for community participation ^^

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