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Support for Freicoin Core Developer

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The Freicoin Core, Freicoin Wallet  and Freicoin Foundation web update, test and develop needs a lot of work and coordination.

I think we should start support Freicoin development directly with donations.

The most transparent would be if the main Freicoin developers register an project on the foundation web to receive donations.

What do you think?


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Yeah, definately need the wallets updated :) I'm not even meaning the Freicoin version number (the current 0.8.3-1 -> 0.9.. not to mention to 0.12 :P), but the building and stability testing of the currently available clients. Would be willing to put a bit from the small amount of coins that I still have available towards this :)

I've tipped my toes a bit more in the world of Github too for the past weeks and will see if I can help maaku & jtimon with the building & testing. Pretty awesome that there is readily available step-by-step guides for setups&instructions for both Linux (Debian without systemd FTW!!! :D) and Windows bouncing around the internets tubes, so a dummie like me can follow along and do some basic magics! :)
Hmm, dont remember if I mentioned elswhere in the forum; but maaku and/or jtimon are apparently looking into updating (or is the correct word 'rebasing'?) the Freicoin version to catch up to Bitcoins 0.9 (or maybe straight 0.12?) version and features... we can hopefully confirm this on monday, since pushin for bounty/getting the developing now for the current version (the 0.8.3-1) started.. might turn out to be waste of bountyfunds and/or developer time (new versions introduce changes to code that will take work).

And yup! We should also recommend the Freicoin developers to register their own entry in the Foundation matching :) Even though I dont think most of them dont "need" or want to get paid.. I mean.. are doing it just for the love for their hobby and offering something good for the world.. I still think its a good idea to have one :)  It's one way for the community to show appreciation for their work and time *hippiesmile*

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They won't be able to take matching donations will they from the Foundation for this? Conflict of interest I think they had mentioned it before. 

But yes I think a FUND we set up should go to that. Not just donations but some sort of revenue stream that is directed at the devs, codes, wallets, faucets and foundation page etc.

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8 hours ago, Bicknellski said:

Conflict of interest I think they had mentioned it before.

the goal was to have the foundation independent of the devs.

in a way, the donation matching itself is independent (except verifying the projects and running the matcher) from the devs. so the devs dont decide to which project and how much funds go.

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