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[BOUNTY] P2P Pool for FRC Code Needs Fixing

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Situation: The current p2pool code for Freicoin doesn't work or is buggy. https://github.com/freicoin/p2pool

Focus: The Freicoin Alliance is willing to pay a bounty for this to be fixed so we have a working version of the code that people can use to create p2pools for Freicoin.

Response: A paid bounty will get this resolved faster and provide more opprotunities for others to create pools that smaller miners will use to mine Freicoin.

Evaluation: If we have more pools less chances longer delays between blocks.


I need the FA members or concerned forum readers to comment on the bounty and what it should be so that we can get someone to do the work on the code. Please comment below.

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What i experienced when we had fun with that code last time, was above around 250ghs, memory went skyhigh and rejected shares was 60-80%. Noticed that time that the diff was always 1 on the miners so somehow the miner difficulty was not kicking in.

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Hi fedde, i am testing the p2pool (wlc version - same code just for wlc) with NiceHash to see if i can figure out what the problem is, but NiceHash says the pool is not compatible - most probably to difficulty settings (connection is tested ok - Received mining.notify subscription... OK
Error: Received no data. in Pool verificator window). Adding wlcaddress+difficulty to stratum query (used difficulty from 1024 to 9000 tested, also with /difficulty) is not making it better.

Do you (or anybody) have any experience with that?

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