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Anyone know whats going on with Vircurex?

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Pool is up to date again. Was a corrupted table in database that looped on one block and would not account further. Mining and rewards was not affected other then a delay as i had to do alot of manual work in the database.

Vircurex i have no clue around. 


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During this past week, I've managed to access the site a couple of times.. though indeed, mostly giving the "Under heavy load" errör. It's been doing this for weeks.. and the support havent responded to contact attempts during this time. 
If ye have coins in there, it'd prolly be wise to keep an eye on when its up and get 'em out ;)

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On 11/3/2016 at 10:22 AM, Rik8119 said:

Nope no idea, i hope everyone got their coins secure? I think i had only a few thousand still sitting there, unlike the 150k FRC i lost on cryptsy.


This reminded me, in conjunction with the Skaro's mention/question of possible attack...
Ye guys happened to see the coins "recovered" from Cryptsy? FRC not listed...

"High value" coins:


Other coins:

Too bad them block explorers aint working (and I dont have mi notes at hand)... but if I recall correctly, Cryptsy held around 2million coins?

Source for the pics:

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