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9 hours ago, Skaro said:

@Rik8119  for a full wallet, I should use the one at https://www.winc-ev.org/english/downloads-contact/

Hi, sorry there is no working windows wallet atm. I have made a few changes to the client that needs a new wallet for me to compile but my windows is broken/ not able to boot. I will try again to get windows running and compile the new client..


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16 hours ago, Skaro said:

@Rik8119, I still have no idea how to register for basic income for Solidar.

The basic income is payed through facebook messenger bot. Just log in and send "join" to register m.me/solidar.winc. There were some complaints about using facebook but there are some important features:

1. automation - i dont need to verify each account (facebook does it)

2. One can send SLR to any other registered bot user for free in no time

3. There is no knowledge about cryptocurrencies needed.

4. It runs on every system where the facebook bot runs.

5. The amount of potential users is "tremendous" ;-).

6. Facebook already has a marketplace for their included apps, that gives a lot potentially use cases.

You have to check your balance each month to let the bot know that you are active. And thats all.

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