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[Developer] Freicoin software projects summary

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Hi All, 

here is copy of jitmons Freicoin software projects summary:


Feel free to add your projects!


All the good,



The orgininal post can be found here:





For any developer that wants  to help but is not sure how, I'll go through some of the existing software in some detail, most of which is located here:


There's many things to do
First there's of course the bitcoin-qt fork:


Mark rebased it to bitcoin's 0.9 but there were many changes in
bitcoin's code and this has not been very tested.
We know that the payment protocol functionality needs work because the
merchant should set the blockHeight for the transaction. It is used to
calculate the demurrage and therefore the real value of the outputs
depend on it.
There's tasks that would be good for bitcoin's code itself, like
removing the account's "features" from the rpc API.

The main web ( freico.in ) is quite outdated and is not
internationalized. Adding transifex to it alone would be great,
although I would probably copy some of the content and start from
scratch. My preference would be to use angular for anything dynamic as
I did with the foundation's web, but if you do it with something else
I would be happy as well.

The foundation's web ( foundation.freicoin.org
https://github.com/freicoin/foundation) needs some refactoring (It
was my first project in angular, python, django and heroku ). I would
like to take some things from tradecraft (which is a private project
in monetize.io, a startup Mark and I are creating), like more generic
angular services. Maybe also moving from django to flask as well.
There's many features that could be added, like information from a
block explorer about the funds that have already been donated and
matched to each organization/project (sadly there's not currently any
freicoin explorer that accurately accounts for demurrage out there).

The code that actually distributes the matched donations is not in
freicoin/foundation but here:


You could extend it, for example, to implement arcurus's proposal of
having a minimum quantity that is distributed per month that it's
divided proportionally to the donations instead of (or in addition to)
the current fixed percentage.
We would also like to deploy it as a batch process somewhere behind
Tor, maybe making the periods shorter like each week or daily.

Joe also has an audit php script to calculate how many freicoins the
foundation has, how many it has to receive, etc:


Adding something like that to the foundation's web would also be cool.
In summer we also proposed a set of extensions to bitcoin/freicoin to
support asset issuance among many other things:


But we're only starting to code that right now, that would be a future
Maybe when we deploy merged mining or later.

Another idea for the future is "republicoin", which consists on
somehow using proof of stake to distribute at least part of the
demurrage that would otherwise turn necessarily into mining subsidies.
But of course, in a way that doesn't nullify the demurrage itself like
interest on holdings. Although that's more on the design phase:


There's also many other proposals for distribution on the foundation's
subforum at several stages from vague idea to just lack of a working


There's some code for a faucet I never finished here:


Of course tests, tests and more tests are always welcomed for any of
the projects.

Also there's many bitcoin projects that could be modified to support
freicoin, like bitcoinj to have a freicoin smartphone client (a
project several people said were going to start but nobody has done so

So you have many options.
You can take a general look at all things and decide whatever you like to do.
Don't hesitate to ask for help by mail, on #freicoin or the
development subforums:





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