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Earthing - Tips and tricks needed :)

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What is earthing? Here's a short clip:

When I moved here to the countryside from Helsinki, I found myself to have much better rest in sleep and a huge boost in energy levels and cognitive function, and really felt the positive effects of lesser EMF radiation that people have talked about :) Then, a noticeable boost again when going barefeet outside when the summertime came.

Though now for the past year, I've increasingly had troubles to get proper sleep and finally started thinking more about it... the troubles started at the beginning of the year and have increased during it.
This time corresponds prettymuch to the acquiring of the mining hardware, which are mostly AntMiners. Then it hit me... shouldve been pretty obvious, but didnt think it would have that much effect.. but them AntMiners dont really have any EMF shielding!
I've known EMF radiation aint good for your body, but for some reason have ignored this. I've had some of these miners in the room in which I sleep in too! :F

So! I've researched the earthing and some products related for it, but would like to ask if any of ye guys have experience in this? :) There's all kinds of pendants, pads, mats, sheets, etc. available, so before shedding money on those, any tips or tricks?

I have some steel mesh sheets somewhere in here and will make a earthing pad for the bed to try it out :) Have any of ye given it ago? and maybe played with different materials for it?
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Yeah, started looking into faraday cages and their DIY implementations after writing the post :) Will have to build one.. havent decided which materials to go with yet though. Basic aluminum foil, heavy duty aluminum foil, or the copper / other mesh. The dB and Hz stuff between these are little out of my understanding for now. Also couldnt find info / measurements of the AntMiners EMF radiation.. I guess I'll order one of them detectors :) Those aint too cheap though :F 

Also a topic that came across that I had heard before, which is interesting and need to dig in deeper, is the Schuman Resonance ^^

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Also a topic that came across that I had heard before, which is interesting and need to dig in deeper, is the Schuman Resonance ^^


Ah, the "hum of the earth that is not a hum at all". Apparently, our planet (and all other planets for all we know) emits electromagnetic radiation where the wavelength is the same as the planet's circumference. It's not a sound as many people tend to believe, it's a kind of electromagnetic radiation, much like light, nuclear radiation and x-rays only extremely low frequency (ELF). Exactly what it is is hard to say. It may be a gravity thing or some kind of radiation exhaust or leftovers from the nuclear processes inside the Earth's nucleus or core, or a host of other things.


Since people have misunderstood the Schuman resonance as sound, Pythagoras has often been quoted for saying something along the lines of "there is music in the spacing of the spheres" supposedly referring to the planets and their sizes and relative distance to each other and a supposed hum because of this, although I believe the word for sphere here is to be understood simply as distancing holes/valves on a pipe to make a flute. And if we built lit. spheres or bells and dimensioning them according to Pythagoras's system of "perfect" fourths and fifths, and we placed them according to a certain geometry, the acoustic resonance would change if you moved these spheres relative to each other. 

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Hmmmm! Thats very interesting... to say the least. That connects few dots in the theory department of mi mind  :D
Nikola Tesla has also said that the earth rings like a bell... and the work / research Michael Tellinger has done on the stone circles in Africa, suggests that they would be the cymatic patterns of that specific spot in the earth.
Them stone circles are made out of hornfel stone, also known as "ring stones" (they ring like bells when you hit them with another stone or hard object). They are all connected throughout the regions... and there are hundreds of thousands of them    :huh:


Pics of some of the circles here: http://www.michaeltellinger.com/stone-circles.php

Few picks from that page:

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Hehe, just got linked this by a friend: Invisible Shield Found Surrounding the Earth - https://soylentnews.org/article.pl?sid=14/11/28/0322241

"A Star Trek like shield has been discovered 7,200 miles about earth that blocks ultrafast "killer electrons" from moving deep into the Earth's atmosphere. It was observed that the "shield" blocked these electrons in a similar manner to the force fields on Star Trek repelling alien weapons."

Combining these ideas, one can concoct pretty wacky theories :D

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One aspect of inner yoga sounds very similar to Earthing (at least the natural part of earthing).

In our time its very important to bring the body in direct contact with natural components.

Once I realized how less the body of an normal western country citizen is in contact with natural components I got shocked.

Just think about how much your own body was in contact with natural components the last week, or months...

No wonder why all kind of illnesses arises.

Sometimes we seem to even forget that we have an body, we just follow concepts in our mind how live supposed to be according to the industry.

And we even start to identify with these industry given concepts, claim them as "our own" and start to defend them if somebody is questioning them.

What a crazy world we life in! Its really time now to awake!

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I am thinking of pick up Tai Chi again in the new year, and hopefully 2015 can bring some natural element that lives and loves-- to get my feet back on solid ground. There is a new chi-gong master in town apparently, and hopefully I can afford it. That's earthing right there.


They advertise with yoga and tai chi classes starting January 2015, I can hardly wait to get started. Also I received a new job today, another CD cover. Same record label, and just about the same workload it seems. The manager called just hours after I finished the album that I've been working on over the last couple of days. Plan is to start sketching next week, and that leaves me with a couple of days to finish the paper wallet and a few other things.


— Sweet ground, here I come, please, let it be a soft landing this time around :)

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Laserhacker / lasersaber (on youtube) indeed has some really great vids on ~free/clean energy. Watching some of his videos and other similar minded peoples projects got me inspired to start tinkering with this stuff again :) 
This one from LifeHack2012 will be something I'll try today 

Really good lecture that 'The Real Music of the Spheres' by Dr. Don Kurtz too, recommended watch ^^

But, not to be totally off-topic, I'll have to say that the earthing stuff really seems to work! ^^ Or mabby its the placebo effect, hehe.

Also kinda related topic: recommending peeps to look into work by Wilhelm Reich on orgone energy and the history behind it ;)

"Wilhelm Reich (/raɪx/; German: [ʀaɪç], 24 March 1897 – 3 November 1957) was an Austrian psychoanalyst, a member of the second generation of psychoanalysts after Sigmund Freud, and one of the most radical figures in the history of psychiatry."
Helped heal people for free, but got shut down by FDA.

And some music relating to orgone energy / Wilhelm Reichs story, from 30 years ago  :P
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