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  1. Has anyone contacted Mark [email protected] or Jorge [email protected] for help on this project just in case you need it Kefkius? Send them off an email with your question and overview of your project so far they might be able to answer quickly if you get no reply here. Keep up the effort and thanks for doing it.
  2. I think this is a priority for us to have so we are not held hostage by a single site that could easily dump us.
  3. Fab this project I am thinking about getting a "grant" to do the prototypes and then see if I can get loans for people locally who may want to build these seed units. The idea will be be that this are the base for a larger system that can be built on for years adding both battery storage and solar panels.
  4. Can't view Vimeo in my country.
  5. Yes we need a info link for all our existing exchanges.
  6. Bounty for setting up p2p pool properly and giving some support for Freicoin. <--- this and the new electrum wallet.
  7. Here is our next project plan at CMS for Indonesia that we have started working on. Mission: Provide a prototype for a portable solar array for rural or remote areas in Indonesia that have underserviced / overly expensive electrical infrastructure. 1. Develop a prototype of the a portable solar array. 2. Share the design and build process with local NGO's in Indonesia. 3. Gather donations to help prototyping and support a train the trainers program to have local trainers spread the design and build throughout Indonesia. Creative Commons Design: SOLN1 v3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7
  8. I don't have control over the miners Arc so I need to discuss that with Fed. I am looking at getting some miners maybe at school but waiting for complete collapse of Bitcoin mining to get some CHEAP units. If BTC keeps dropping then we might see some real deep discounted miners.
  9. I would like to contribute to this as well. Fedde can I match your FRC with some mining output?
  10. I can donate for this. Just need to think about how much first. Maybe Fedde some of my S2 mining can help toward this? Let me know a percentage of my mining power towards could be good. I am thinking possibly getting a SP20 or something like that which could used to cover FA incidentals.
  11. Crap thanks Fedde. Add that to the bounty then.., Will chat with you soon about it. Forgot we talked about it.
  12. Status: 0/unconfirmed, broadcast through 2 nodesDate: 19/12/2014 13:19To: FRC Wallet Bounty 1PUuX6PyB1Qv2U4UKqbtGed9tsuXPbnHQHDebit: -4260.70431216 FRCTransaction fee: -0.000000003413387857863919130139997269120327337527075331038629795566001107705637017397659604966975166462361812591552734375 FRCNet amount: -4260.704312163413387857863919130139997269120327337527075331038629795566001107705637017397659604966975166462361812591552734375 FRCReference Height: 92839Transaction ID: aef6e779817b46612f371107133632708a2e41d0010c5ef0b3040422fdb16c07Sent some FRC to the bounty. BTC to follow this weekend.
  13. I'll do this this weekend. If someone want to give his bounty already, he can transfer the BTC here: 1GCMVoQHW2ZkbTvQeJ5f2LHmQNHnyQX4oU Or Freicoins here: 1PUuX6PyB1Qv2U4UKqbtGed9tsuXPbnHQH
  14. Happy New Year... Merry Christmas... Enjoy your Holidays! 2015 Will be our Year FA!
  15. http://laserhacker.com/?p=415 Need to get that tinfoil off you head and into a flashlight like this:
  16. Seems to have cleared up thanks Fedde.
  17. I will review this and get back to you. Seems ok for what you put me down for and I can help where needed.
  18. Ready to send my pledged FRC... where does it go? Are we almost ready to release the bounty?
  19. Yes I am interested in caretaking the micro loan program. Our students are very keen on seeing how we can create a way for local school aged children or families to get help so they can start businesses and help their children get higher levels of education.
  20. Hey all this is Bicknellski. I am having a hard time getting into the forums and posting using my Bicknellski account. I have had to make this account just to see the pages.
  21. Tested with Fedde loaded fine sent and received fine. Next week I will try and get students to test.
  22. This seems perfectly ok. Not sure what revision needs to be made if any really. I am ok with it actually as it is.
  23. That is interesting. I can get our kids to test your designs.
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