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  1. Need to wait for the next generation / iteration of mining when price and mining stabilize. If you can work in ZERO price electricity or feed back to the grid in the system. Then maybe.
  2. They are being evicted so that people can come to Africa and watch lions and elephants. It really is sad. The Saan have the same problems. People in Jamaica are also losing access to public beaches. Who gets to live in paradise?
  3. I like that people get worked up about it. But really this conspiracy can be broken if we just have better education so that students and families eat better and make better choices. It is great to have the tinfoil hat conspiracy people beating the gmo / food industry drum to a point.
  4. Low carb no carb Atkins was truly an amazing period. I was able to really concentrate once my system was free of the overload of sugar based foods. I am not on it now and I know it affects my weight and my health negatively.
  5. Yeah certainly. But I meant if we support this sort of project?
  6. https://github.com/freicoin/freicoin<--- Send issue to this github right? https://github.com/freicoin/freicoin/issues<-- Issues.
  7. Have to prioritize our efforts and try to gain the most for the coin. What does everyone think is biggest way to get FRC going for the least amount of effort? Is it viable?
  8. Ya it isn't tinfoil hat this idea. Food is killing us fact from WHO. Making us dumber based on gut microbes linked to neurology studies. I believe the profit motive of the food supply is the reason not some sort of over arching gov't conspiracy to keep us from living too long or too well. Does help health care providers doesn't it thought? Fresh SLOW foods are the way to go. Like big pharma, big agriculture, big tobacco etc all for the profit at any cost and LOBBY the crap out of the govt so you don't get all the information.
  9. Fish and Plants yields much higher with aquaponics. If you have a large enough compost pile the inside of the pile remains very hot all year round even in Canada. https://uwaterloo.ca/environment-resource-studies/sites/ca.environment-resource-studies/files/uploads/files/CGilson490s.pdf http://ag.arizona.edu/azaqua/ista/ista6/ista6web/presentation/p676.pdf
  10. http://insidebitcoins.com/news/blockstream-closes-21-million-seed-funding-to-fulfill-the-promise-of-blockchain-technology/26456?utm_source=Inside+Bitcoins+Latest+News&utm_campaign=4f4b40ad4c-Inside_Bitcoins_Daily_News_11_18_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_85421fb960-4f4b40ad4c-232862189 BLOCKSTREAM CLOSES $21 MILLION SEED FUNDING TO FULFILL THE “PROMISE OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY”By Inside Bitcoins Nov 17, 2014 2:58 PM EST NEW YORK (InsideBitcoins) — Blockstream, a firm dedicated to developing “Bitcoin 2.0″ applications based on the cryptocurrency’s blockchain technology, h
  11. Here is how I would set it up. Aquaponics: Vegetables & Fish Biodigestor: Fish & Plant Waste Solar & Bio Gas Generator: Mining Cold climate waste biogas heat can warm the greenhouse. I suggest you could use the plastic bottle techique of building to make the green house and the digestors Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QF5CRoPI1g I have a certificate as a Greenhouse Technician. Given what I know about simple lean to or hoop houses you could definitely use mining in the mix to help heat the greenhouse as long as you have large enough solar array and bio gas genset.
  12. Buying coin is as good or better than mining coin.
  13. Still not at a million yet... still trying!
  14. No so much a conspiracy as the reality. Here is a really good way to look this food issue. Go to your supermarket and try and shop for things that do not have added sugar. That pretty much cuts out almost 70% of the foods in the supermarket. Then look for slow foods. Foods that are fresh and unfrozen or would require you to prepare the food to eat. Then look for foods that are from your area. It is pure insanity the food system. Heart disease / Diabetes alone are killing more people every year than anything else. http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs312/en/ Key facts D
  15. Can use Molly's as that is the purpose he set it up. Also I like the short description just needs to be reworked a bit. I will take some time to rework it this week.
  16. Yes they could be keen on that. Edit: a few kids are working on it right now just to get a slogan.
  17. Sorry, got doing something last night raging online and forgot... so sorry. Ill be available for a chat later tonight. Off to the food fair in Jakarta.
  18. Ya tax free exemptions important. A co-op is a better fit I think vs. a charity for the Freicoin Alliance. A non-profit be better for Freicoin Micro Loan or Freipay type set up that is purely a charity or facilitates charity. Hope to discuss this at Meetup #4 today.
  19. Bicknellski

    Viking Shop!

    Do you sell the seeds? I could order up some of that!
  20. Winter is coming John Snow.
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