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  1. Just waiting on Fedde. We will convert to Rupiah once we get the entire loan and then we can go shopping for chocolate and filling flavors this week. Hopefully the Rupiah / Bitcoin price remains up.
  2. Okay got your loan Rik thanks. Oh tasty is not the word. I have to be totally honest I had zero expectations taking this class but after seeing the results of the kids and my own chocolates that they are more than just tasty. They are professional quality chocolates. Now we know how we can create some of our own ganache (centers) and make some interesting pralines for people. That is the next step.
  3. Just got home from Chocolate School and I have to say this. I have never learned how to do anything in such a short time and get such an excellent result even though I did not do the task as well as I could have. Gentlemen behold my Chocolates. Also... the taste AWESOME. In less than 3 hours we learned to make professionally looking / tasting chocolates. Very impressed with Chocolate School. Excellent chef showed us step by step. Was great fun.
  4. Okay so I have asked my students to do a little cramming and learning about chocolate and its preparation before Chocolate School tomorrow. It seems like the are keen on learning the craft of making chocolates. I have also been watching a good series of videos from Belgium http://www.callebaut.com/usen/callebaut-tv/tutorials to help me prepare for tomorrow as well. I am hopeful that our experience tomorrow will be a rewarding one and we will be able to show others our skills and possibly do teaching of the techniques to other schools and classes as part of our program. If you have not y
  5. Freicoin? Given it would just be us on Fedde exchange let us just use Bitcoin. Got it holding in reserve I hope the Rupiah doesn't crash. Again as I said I can handle that given the size of the loan is small.
  6. Got it Fab thanks, Hi Darin Michael Bicknell, You received a Bitcoin payment: Bitcoin Received : 0.15432 BTC TX Hash : b76cb5262d16bea1d4cc487ce1640bb1f360c1502f6972907f489ccca50203f6
  7. HISTORY OF DEPOSIT/WITHDRAW BITCOIN SEPTEMBER 2016 Time Type Amount TX Status 7-Sep-16 22:45 Deposit 0.01 BTC e44494760346d922b897fa416e5d6e6709916fb430a941ef9f6a12d1e014ef13 Success Bitcoin address for Arcurus : 1CYAXos2UoDYpBB8qoExR3TSyBWoEJHMQq
  8. Again just so you understand my concerns and to clarify. 1. Loan is in US Dollars. But I need to pay Chocolate School in Rupiah and Rupiah is how we will be paid when we sell our chocolate. So just so you know I am a little concerned about exchange rate issues should the Indonesian Rupiah fall dramatically. It has happened in the past and given the current world economic situation it might happen again. But we agree the loan is in US Dollars. We will pay back 95$ to each lender. I am posting the Rupiah exchange rate as reference for everyone so that we can see any possible issues shou
  9. Please send loans to the following address as indicated above: 168g7hWSXsimXUU7pUjt5ftxw5sc2gHTK5 It would be good just to send a small amount first to confirm and I can send back a small amount. Just to be safe note that you should send about $1 rather than a few pennies because of the fees at Bitcoin.co.id for transferring coins is more than a few cents. Also I need everyone to provide me a bitcoin address so I can at least test send some BTC back to lenders. Also note although I know it is easier to just send bitcoin to an address the point of the activity beyond getting the loan is fo
  10. Okay got it. Verified your address and added it to the loan agreement 1C4JHE16YJHrE8pQtYaRh9pqG6qJsC9Upm Just to make sure it was this transaction correct Fabrizio? 6-Sep-16 23:55 Deposit 0.0000369 BTC 541771ba3737be4e9444287f12906ff203a39f9aac902a87927674552853df0c Success Note I can't send back the 0.02$ it is too low an amount at Bitcoin.co.id
  11. Note: The school owner has worked a deal with Chocolate School to observe and help students in the class but not take the course so we will only have to pay for 5 participants. We will get the updated invoice soon. She will help us document the students at the course with video and pictures as well as observe the class so later on she can help us with the production as well. It also leaves us more funds for baking. We will need to decide what supplies and specialty equipment and packaging we will need after the training.
  12. Yes. We will set the rate on the date we exchange Bitcoin to Rupiah. Issues might be volatility in the Rupiah price but I hope that is not the case for the next few months. $95 or 9.5 Freihours is good agreed. Note: Added invoice from Chocolate School. We have not paid yet this is just the invoice. We will upload proof of payment after the class as payment is made on the day of the program. Montessori Inv.pdf
  13. Registered Participants for Training at Chocolate School note we have added the school owner to the program as she will be helping oversee the sales and finances for the program as she has more time now to engage in school activities. Note that she has a Masters in Finance and Accounting from the University of Kansas so we are well covered there. Students: Mr. Benjamin Zachary Hanming Bicknell Ms. Anne Maria Anggraeni Mr. Ethan Jeremiah Hancheng Bicknell Mr. Elijah Lawrence Hansheng Bicknell Teacher: Mr. Darin M. Bicknell School Owner: Mrs. Roviana Tjoe
  14. I have reserved a space for Chocolate School but payment doesn't have to be made until we arrive at the school on the day of program. I'd prefer to make sure the loan is active (we receive the Bitcoin) no later than Wednesday next week but earlier would be better. So that the students can help process the Bitcoin to Rupiah and report back to the lenders. That would mean that each of you will loan us 9.5 Freihours or 1.250.000 Rupiah or 1,250,000.00 IDR = 94.10202 USD Indonesian Rupiah ↔ US Dollar 1 IDR = 0.
  15. Yes, there will be a student in charge of the communication / picture taking etc and will keep you all updated to our progress with fortnightly reports. We will add a post here to this thread as basic terms like we did before for the cooking loan we got 2 years ago.
  16. Sorry... been very busy. Let me review your posts and update. Rik the plan is we accept loan in Freicoin. We exchange it for Bitcoin and convert to Rupiah. Reason is the school where we want to take the course will not accept FRC or BTC only Rupiah. So as before the students will exchange FRC for BTC for Rupiah. And when we pay it back we pay convert our chocolate sales from Rupiah to BTC to FRC to pay back the zero interest loan. 1. FRC to BTC on https://freiexchange.com 2. BTC to Rupiah on https://www.bitcoin.co.id/ 3. Rupiah to BTC on https://www.bitcoin.co.id/
  17. Nice... I can now check my wallet with the block explorer.
  18. The thought we are using abandonware is greatly over stated. Thanks. Please keep us updated on the progress.
  19. Freicoiners, Our school is again interested in getting a microloan in Freicoin so 4 students and 1 teacher can go and get a 3-hour morning program with professional chefs in gourmet chocolate making. http://www.chocolateschool.org/ Here is the email we received today: We are asking for a loan of 5,000,000 Rupiah so that we can pay for the morning class and get some supplies to start making chocolate bars and pralines that we will sell to pay off the loan. We would like to have another 0% interest loan that we can repay by the 3rd term of school. That would give
  20. Rated 5/5. We should pay additional bounty right guys? Great having this up on the google store.
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