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  1. As for everything else besides Joe here is my take on all this ARC? 1. I agree with most of it. 2. We have had talks and posts and what not about the foundation and plans etc however the issue for me and others who still are hanging on here is there are no plans really to change the direction of FRC in a meaningful way that would revive the coin. The foundation is a failure because there is no community to support it or have people ascend to positions inside the foundation to help support it. It isn't Mark's or Jorge's fault the problem really is there is no support. Not enou
  2. Right unintentional. Joe & Clark show back up after taking off with people's investment and closing his pool without any news or information nearly 2 years ago and this happens right after he retuns? Coincidence? Okay. It is coincidence.The real problem I see is not the difficulty adjustment algorithm but having nearly ZERO people in the community ZERO people using FRC. So Arc: 1. Which are they leaning to fix the problem Arc? 2. Personally if we have few miners and few users of FRC what is the point of fixing anything? If they have to put in a lot of effort and
  3. We should do Blab.im if possible. It is simple enough. Too bad we don't have more people on the FRC boat.
  4. My students will be ready to help out with the Universal Credit idea now but with Freicoin we have to get the coin circulating and cut the throats of whomever is trying to ride the coin down both with the massive pulse of mining and leaving it dead as well as cutting the throats of those trying to ride the price down. Also we really need Jorge and Mark to make that roadmap for updating the coin known.
  5. Bitcoin News #16 Show Notes Mondays at 8pm pst. Next episode: https://blab.im/vortex-bitcoin-news-19 Court Takes Control of Digital Currency Exchange Cryptsy http://www.coindesk.com/cryptsy-assets-frozen-as-florida-court-appoints-receiver/
  6. Them bastards! I think this is going to be the pattern for all exchanges that FRC is on now. It will be delisted.
  7. https://blab.im/vortex-bitcoin-news-19 https://blab.im/88bf0312e0d9401b865edb11c2fe11b9 Suggest we do something like this as a meeting for Freicoin people. Not news but discussions so we can get our projects moving more.
  8. Might be something we should all discuss and learn about moving forward Ethereum could be the default methodology for coin use. Still nothing from Mark and Jorge on FRC which is somewhat disappointing. Especially when we do need an update to keep pace with Bitcoin.
  9. I have noted that the Ethereum also allows for Freicoin or coins to be used on that network. I was wondering has anyone looked into porting FRC to Ethereum?
  10. It is not fun getting your Bitcoins back out of a Freicoin wallet or as I did put my Freicoins into a Bitcoin Wallet. Nightmare. Something that would prevent that would be nice.
  11. Testing it. Works well. You need an FRC donation address on it. We should, in the FA, donate some FRC and get matching funds from the FRC Foundation for your work Rik and for Fedde's work and hosting the servers. I wish we could track the coins and addresses of the party or parties slamming the network.
  12. I will leave this here. Personally I have no stake in this nor will I comment on the claims made above. I copied and pasted it here so we can address it here and not on that dead forum. I believe anyone who has the facts can comment below and hopefully debunk some of what is said above as much of what is present is not the understanding I have of the situation. It would be good if Jorge or Mark comment on the substance of the claims being made with regards to network and others can comment on the original coding which the FA paid for in good faith. Others that lost money and did not ge
  13. I did NOT make a run for it - I was FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE! by Joe ยป Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:20 am I have spent the last few years battling sicknesses. In 2015 I was life flighted (helicopter ambulance) due to totaling my car while having a full on grand-mal (tonic-clonic) seizure (I sheered off a 30 foot pine tree, kept going through another 150 yards of cor and another 100 yards through the woods before my car came to a stop) which landed me in the icu intubated and sedated (out cold) for a few days, multiple renal failures and potential kidney transplant has been a problem. In all
  14. I noted now they required pictures and ID for using the exchange that is relatively new is it?
  15. Ya it is up and down. Been unstable like that for more than a year or so.
  16. Don't know Rik. I think the idea of exchanges carrying a nearly dead coin with no volume or keeping an exchange open that has low volume is just not feasible. Hence an OTC for FRC seems the best option to me moving forward.
  17. This webpage is not available DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN The server at askcoin.net can't be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website's name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.
  18. Oh this is good. I hope we can help you with this. It was one of the things Fedde had discussed about doing in the past.
  19. Moving this thread to Ongoing Projects since Fedde has started work. I will put some Freicoin in for payment to cover claims of work on this project.
  20. Super I will delete the other thread. Can keep everything thing here. I will put some Freicoin in for payment to cover claims of work on this project.
  21. Given Mark and Jorge have hinted at the idea of merge mining before I can't see why it couldn't be implemented in the next version of the client. Changing the filter really is not a viable option I think given that the only reason to change it would be to address the current scenario of wildly fluctuating hash rates. From 200 Th/s to below 1 Th/s and now we have regular adjusted Hashrate inflows on the coin to purposefully increase the difficulty. What we have now have is a Denial of Service attack where instead of forking or 51% attack on the coin these miners are denying transaction
  22. I agree. I don't trust any exchanges. MtGox, Bter, Cryptsy etc. OTC has some good advantages. I would like see that some how integrated into the FRC client. Would be ideal.
  23. If anyone else is interested in helping me fund a functional FRC OTC post below. I will ask Arcurus to help us set up Freihours for this. https://github.com/nanotube/supybot-bitcoin-marketmonitor https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/OTC_Exchange OTC Exchange OTC Exchange offers convenient low-fee escrow service and a marketplace to perform currency exchange operations between PayPal funds and Bitcoin. The escrow service is using automated verification procedures thus providing payment/funds delivery guarantee for both trading parties.
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