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  1. https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/charlie-lee-proposes-merged-mining-ltcdoge/ I think most of the arguments for Merge mining can be found in the link. Although FRC is different in the Demurrage the fact that it is a BTC derived coin I think most of the arguments are valid. Also given the latest Denial of Service by some group that is hell bent on burying the difficulty so high that it may never be recovered unless it is merged mined with BTC seems to be the plan. I can't see any other way around this. This mine has obviously set their target on FRC and are at regular intervals bumpi
  2. BTER still up selling FRC. Bluetrade took FRC down no volume AskCoin still up selling FRC. C-cex.xom? Never heard that one. Crypsty dead. Vircurex I believe still trades FRC. I have tried also to get the Indonesian exchange to add FRC. No luck. Bitcoin Indonesia - Buy and Sell Bitcoin https://www.bitcoin.co.id/ My thoughts are these: 1. The very nature of all these hackable exchanges are built on unnecessary trust in a 3rd party. Keeping coins in 3rd party hands at this point in time at any exchange is foo
  3. Resolved. It was a network settings problem on Freicoin QT. Had Socks enabled. Unchecked everything worked. My PC at home I had to uncheck the MAP box in the network settings and then addnode in the conf file I created then worked out fine.
  4. I am working with Fedde on it. I am still trying to delete and install my backed up wallet but nothing seems to work. I guess it is the difficulty but it is odd that I can't get peer connections even using Fedde's node. addnode <node> <add|remove|onetry> addnode <fedde's node with port> add The addnode on the console doesn't work so I am trying to use the freicoin.conf file to add the node. Problem is I can't find the freicoin.conf file. Debug Window / Console help  addmultisigaddress <nrequired> <'["key","key"]'> [account] addnode
  5. He resolved the issue. I on the other hand now have a similar issue with my PC FRC wallet. Phone works ok.
  6. They won't be able to take matching donations will they from the Foundation for this? Conflict of interest I think they had mentioned it before. But yes I think a FUND we set up should go to that. Not just donations but some sort of revenue stream that is directed at the devs, codes, wallets, faucets and foundation page etc.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/ajax/mercury/attachments/photo.php?fbid=10153813082795242&height=206&mode=cover&request_user_id=227107500747148&width=206 hi, I have this problem and the program wont start do you have any idea what can it be? after this windows it says failed to connect to the network
  8. http://www.fastcoexist.com/3055679/a-dutch-city-is-experimenting-with-giving-away-a-basic-income-of-1000-a-month?partner=socialflow&utm_content=bufferca440&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer Interesting. Basic Income is spreading quickly.
  9. You don't need a lot of space or a lot of fish. City lots here smaller than your greenhouse I bet turn over a lot of Tilapia in a tiny area. Just one or two of these bad boys and you have enough volume to store heat and grow fish. Heat loss in the air remember... get that heat into water you can make it last longer especially in greenhouse situation. Are you doing 2x or 3x layers of plastic over your hoops?
  10. http://rsvoting.org/ http://rsvoting.org/whitepaper/white_paper.pdf Maybe we have a way to integrate this into Freicoin so that we can have a way to poll FRC users to find out what we want for the coin / foundation etc to do moving forward. Read the white paper and discuss.
  11. Add some fish ponds to the greenhouse and this becomes even more viable. Tilapia best fish for captive breeding and farming. The geographic range for tilapia culture is limited by their temperature-sensitivity. For optimal growth, the ideal water temperature range is 82 to 86 °F (27.7 °C to 30 °C), and growth is reduced greatly below 68 °F (20 °C). Death occurs below 50 °F (10 °C). The miners heat should be recovered as much as possible to keep ponds fairly warm. The water can re-radiate the heat keep the reset of the greenhouse warm enough for plant growth.
  12. Does the project you are proposing enhance or improve communities / groups / individuals in the following areas? 1. Education 2. Power 3. Food 4. Water 5. Shelter 6. Poverty (Basic Income) ----- The aeroponic strawberry tower project. The project our school is planning will provide educational benefits for participating schools. The project will provide basic income for poorer families by selling the strawberries. The project will provide recycling of Li-ion batteries into packs to power the tower. Larger packs with solar could be built to powe
  13. 11 Confirmations however the students phone and Android has no peer connections and is not able to receive or send FRC. The app exchange rate functionality is working but it seems nothing else is for sending and receiving as there are no peers. I have the same issue with my Android FRC Wallet App. On my desktop there are 4 connections so ya. I have tried deleting and reinstalling but I need to track down the loose app files and try and remove those again. Is anyone else using Mobile Wallet app and it is working without issue?
  14. Still unable to get mobile wallet working properly. Need to spend the weekend on that. I have sent from my laptop to my student to test the time it takes to send the FRC: I think having a store up is good. Not sure if the kids will be interested but I will provide the link when you are set. Let me know.
  15. This is the sort of thing I want to put some effort into for sure. Food gardens in every possible place.
  16. I had mentioned to Fab in the IRC today that the FA Basic Income ideas should focus on programs that provide opportunities for people anywhere to improve the following: 1. Shelter 2. Food 3. Water 4. Power 5. Education
  17. I can do late nite is ok if I go downstairs. NO TALKING IN MY ROOM AFTER 9pm.
  18. I think most important items to get going on are: Increase nodes and mining for foreseeable future for a more stable FRC until merged mining with Bitcoin. Mobile FRC Wallets Iphone and Android up in Google Play and Itunes so it is easy to acess. Temporary needs links on Freico.in and FA site, Get the coin out to people so they can use it for good. I think 2 or 3 fix distribution ideas / concepts from the FA should be put into place. Mining Farm for BTC buy FRC so we can at least stabilize the price of FRC to a degree. Work with other business peopl
  19. Note Laptop wallet connected to nodes and updated easily. Had to reinstall all and use Wallet.dat to recover. Thanks FAB I will try that on the handphone step by step. As for nodes. Maybe we need to work on this as a group to have multiple nodes?
  20. Be nice if we can get updates on where the coin is going now.
  21. Ya it didn't work too well on a bad connection. Wait for you to get back to a better connection. Safe travels!
  22. I will have kids distribute their FRC and they have to write an explanation of what they intend to do with the coins. The kids have been told this is a no strings attached grant so they can do whatever they want with the FRC as long as they provide a report online to the forum about their plans and usage of the FRC.
  23. My FRC Mobile Wallet: 1C25JPG5xkru1QFmQBqrWWgQxonMbD38zh Students FRC Mobile Wallet: 1Q6smMCXuJEgugBMMFqhXZR7PjtXbCnxbL I am not able to send anything out of any of my wallets currently. I will back up or reinstall on my phone and try again. My laptop is having issues as there are no active connections and no block source available. I uninstalled and reinstalled the wallet and then changed networks still no connection.
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