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Warning! Cryptsy seem to have a big Bug, at least with Freicoin

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At least I got now one Bitcoin from Cryptsy. 

As soon as possible I will convert it to Freicoin and donate it to alliance projects (if cryptsy does not go bankrupt first).


Yeah, cryptsy is a very buggy exchange. I'm surprised it hasn't went bankrupt yet..

Yea, I am also surprised. It is really difficult to find an good Freicoin exchange.

Cryptsy is most likely on fractional reserve...


Vircurex has also lost their coins, and now nearly nobody is trading there.

At least they should not be on fractional reserve, or have they lost another coins?


Bter has very much fees (could be that, you must also register to withdraw coins)


Askcoin is still very small, don't know much about them, but seems to function.

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Yup, I'm also somewhat surprised that cryptsy hasnt yet closed their doors or had too much criticizing of its services. But I guess its the same as with the other now collapsed services.. people dont have the time / are too lazy to do research :P

I've done the little trading I've needed mostly on BTER. Cryptsy has felt shady for a long time.. for some reason I dont trust the management behind it. 
They've also raised the trading fees few times, being now at 0.29%... trying to silently account for the losses they've had? *tinfoilhatter* :D

But, like fedde mentioned, Askcoin seems to be the only exchange that has implemented the live demurrage, so I've moved the little trading needs I have to there ^^

I'd love to see more accountless services/exchanges to pop up ^^ Hoping to see Freicoin listed in here soon:


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Bump this thread.

Cryptsy still appears to be losing coins :(


No FRC missing to date for me but tens of thousands in other alt currencies seemed to have 'disappeared' when they reached Cryptsy :(


Weeks of raising tickets has gotten me no where so far, I have thousands of confirms and keep emailing them every 3 days but still no news.


So please be careful when making deposits to Cryptsy!


Only transfer what you are happy to lose!

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Without sounding like a n00b can I ask a question?


When making deposits (of any crypto coin) do you regularly change the deposit address for the coin at the exchange?


I am still trying to resolve my recent deposit issues with Cryptsy. I am being told by a number of Mazacoin users and I think the dev that I should change my deposit address at the exchange regularly for all coin types.


I wasn't aware of this and to be honest it would be a nightmare with the various coins I mine and exchanges I use to regularly change them all.


Any advice/experience with this would be appreciated :)

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I dont use exchanges too much, so I usually use the same address for deposits quite often and thats been working fine for me :) Some people promote the "best practices" for exchanges too, so with that in mind, creating a new address for every deposit would be the way to go :D
Though, I've heard from some other traders too, that with Cryptsy it'd be good to generate a new addy every now and then. New address for every week seems to be what most recommend, but at the least for every month. Heard it has something to do with their way of managing their wallets and the "priority deposit" system.. or something :P This is all hear-talk, so I'm not really sure whats the deal ;)

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as said, better void crypsty, it seem at least very buggy.

and yea, its good to generate new deopit adresses as possible, but not buggy ecxhanges should also have no problem with reusing it...


an in this crypto world we are all noobs... its so early in development, and things chnage very quickly...

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