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  1. On the subject of wallets Have you guys seen the new NEOS coin wallet? It is web browser based. It has all the usual wallet info PLUS messaging, live prices, mining pools, block explorer, estimated BTC value of your wallet and lots of other cool stuff. You can update the mining pools, exchanges etc centrally to all users with wallets (pretty cool). Excellent way of ensuring Freicoin users know where to mine and trade their FRC. I took some screenshots if you dont want to install it to see for yourselves. Though I can't offer anything in the way of useful skills to help the new
  2. Conrad, I think this link to the previous forum explains it pretty much: http://freicoin.freeforums.org/closing-on-jan-6-2015-joe-s-pool-freicoin-us-t450-450.html Also after reading that you may want to read this: http://freicoin.freeforums.org/open-letter-to-joe-t888.html
  3. Without sounding like a n00b can I ask a question? When making deposits (of any crypto coin) do you regularly change the deposit address for the coin at the exchange? I am still trying to resolve my recent deposit issues with Cryptsy. I am being told by a number of Mazacoin users and I think the dev that I should change my deposit address at the exchange regularly for all coin types. I wasn't aware of this and to be honest it would be a nightmare with the various coins I mine and exchanges I use to regularly change them all. Any advice/experience with this would be appreciated
  4. Bump this thread. Cryptsy still appears to be losing coins No FRC missing to date for me but tens of thousands in other alt currencies seemed to have 'disappeared' when they reached Cryptsy Weeks of raising tickets has gotten me no where so far, I have thousands of confirms and keep emailing them every 3 days but still no news. So please be careful when making deposits to Cryptsy! Only transfer what you are happy to lose!
  5. After I noticed Bluetrade listed FRC I checked the live trades of FRC. Not a great number of trades or volume. For all the hard work from everyone that goes into getting FRC listed I think we all need to ensure we spread our FRC trades accross the exchanges that list FRC. Most exchanges will remove a coin if the trade volume is not high enough. I have started to spread my FRC trading onto Bluetrade to try and get some volume. Currently I use Cryptsy and now Bluetrade, I won't use Vicurex as I lost some coins a while back and don't trust them. A list of active exchanges would help me try
  6. I have been trying to see which exchanges FRC is currently listed. I registered with Bluetrade just now only to find we are already listed there. As Bick said if there is an updated list of the exchanges we need to work on to get FRC listed it would be a great help. Maybe make it super easy for people by also listing a link for each exchange for where we can vote or donate BTC to get FRC listed there?
  7. I did have a search for another replacement domain but it seems most 'freicoin' related domains are already taken. What was www.freico.in used for? Was it just downloading the wallet? If so perhaps we could look at www.freicoin-wallet.com? Another posibility depending on what the domain was used for is www.freicoin.community, slightly more expensive but a better domain I think. If the www.freico.in sites main function was to download the wallet we need to get something back up FAST! The main failure I think in alt coins is the availability of a wallet. If people can't find a wallet they
  8. Not sure if this is relevant? If you are looking to use a seperate domain I have www.freicoinnews.com. I would be happy to donate the domain FOC to anyone who wants to use it to setup a new site or downloading wallets or anything else needed for Freicoin. My only stipulation is that the domain must be used for the good of Freicoin
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