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[Test Group] Basic Income / World Citizens Project Alpha Test Example

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Hi All,

here a first example sign up for for the suggested Basic Income / Word Citizens Project as described here:





To take part you must do the following steps:



1. Sign up:

For each basic income circle (group) make a new topic here an post:

(a group should have at least 5 members and at maximum 30 members)


Group name:

Name,  birth year,  birth country, some sentences about the dream(s) you / the group has.

(in case of a group, just add more...)


Attach an picture that is showing the persons in the group.

Specify, the projects you want to support.

Post the Freicoin address of the group, for receiving the basic income. (per group only one address is needed)



post your education, or other skills

post a link to your Diaspora, and / or other social media accounts. 




If you are not sure how to do it, just write me an message or post here!


2. Get verified

Get verified though video chat, local meetups, or other verification methods. Sign up  and verify with other basic income groups.



3. Make your claiming transaction

If your account got verified, make the claiming transaction in Freicoins to the Freicoin Alliance and announce it here.

The claiming transaction should be made with 10000 Freicoins* (per person)

Not necessarily the claimer must make the claiming transaction. Theoretically everybody can do it.

Currently only Freicoins  that have not been used with the Freicoin Alliance could be used for claiming,  



4. Get your Basic Income

After the Freicoin Foundation matching is done (normally in the beginning of each month) the claiming transaction is transferred back.

50% of the extra coins from the Freicoin Foundation are distributed to your Freicoin address.

50% of the extra coins from the Freicoin Foundation are distributed to the projects you specified.

(Please don't specify more then two projects until the process is more automatized)



Step three and four must be done every month.


Have fun!


*After the coin issuing through the Feicoin Foundation the  Freicoins used for claimings are transferred back to the claimer. In case of theft the coins are currently not insured, so they could be lost! 


The exact amount of needed Freicoins for an claiming transaktion is not in the hand of the Freicoin Basic Income Projekt and depends fully on the Freicoin Foundation coin issuing / matching.

With a coin matching rate of 10% 100.000 Freicoins per person per month would be needed to claim the Full Basic Income.

In case of 100% only 10.000 Freicoins per perons per month would be needed.


If more Freicoins are used for claiming then needed, the issued coins are distributed equaly among all participants to the current maximum given out Basic Income per month.

If more Freicoins are given for claims then needed for total Baic Income payouts, these Freicoins maybe used for advancing the Basic Income Project, or save it for Basic Income payouts in the furture.

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1. Sign up (example):


Freicoin Circle:


Name - Nick Name Arcurus 

Country of Birth: Fürth - Germany

Interests / Education: Computer Science

Birth year: 1980


Freicoin Address:



Supported projects: 50% Freicoin Alliance 

Supported projects: 50% Basic Income Project 






Hi all,

For me the vision of an fair monetary system is very promising. A system where all people around the world would have, through an basic income, or better called "World Citizens Dividend", an fair access to resources.


Just imagine this one second: An world where nobody has to die, because he did not have some money for food. A world where nobody can be enslaved to pay interest! A world full of freedom to choose his own destiny without having the fear to starve! 
Ultimately I hope, that such currencies like Freicoin or Dogecoin, just to mention some, can  lead to an gift based economy where everybody is proud of sharing what he has to give, like it was common in ancient times where we did not number everything.
Lets see what we can do and don't forget to have some joy while doing it, otherwise its not worth!
Fell free to join!
See you,



And here a picture:


....same for person 2-5

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I have two places that I can help get students involved. One is Africa and the other obviously Indonesia. My issue is how to make the system easier to get funds in the hands of students so they can pay for their educational needs.


How do these kids go from Freicoin to local Fiat? 


That is the hanger I see.

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Ya that is not possible Arc the students I have are not the end users. These are poor kids dealing with government or other schools that require school fees etc.


What I see there is no way to register remotely if there is no way to exchange to fiat locally.


CMS Students register, get funds, exchange funds and then pay for needy kids school fees locally is the only way this could happen.

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Well meals are logistically, for us, way too hard to do as we have to find the needy kids in the local area and their parents usually provide meals we are keen on education as that is often that last thing that parents provide for. Some projects have tried to help but the money sometimes goes to parents and immediate needs for housing and what not and not education. We will review this. As for Africa the school I am interested in supporting could use funds for buying a bus to help transport more poor kids to school who would normally walk 2 hours to and from school.


I will start thinking about this idea more after our graduation on Saturday and my final reports to parents on student progress on Monday.

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  • 2 months later...

I have setup a prototype page for a future FreiCoinWCD proposal with integrated WorldCitizenDividend to play around with different factors for research purpose.
Please Login with Facebook as a first step of verification. 
2.Step verify will be for the moment done manually by me, so just let me know here.


Current Settings:
DemurrageFee : 20% a year, distributed every second. 
I have set the Fee higher in order to reduce the gap between BasicIncome and Maximum Money, taking 5 years to redistribute all Foundation Funds as a basic Income equally between all verified members. 

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Humans Need Not Apply is a 2014 short Internet documentary film, directed, produced, written, and edited by C. G. P. Grey. The film focuses on the future of the integration of automation into economics, as well as the worldwide workforce.



Grey & Brady introduce themselves after 18 episodes, working in public on the Internet, humblebragging revisited, a list of words that we mostly can't say on the podcast, the sacred space of calendars and 8 ways robots will take your job. 



This is why your idea is an EXCELLENT ONE although someone has to pay for the mining / transaction upkeep of the Freicoin network. The 80% collected should also go to the idea. We are going to need it when 40 to 60% unemployment worldwide happens soon. Look at automation in China. Jobs are being lost at an alarming rate already there.

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Excellent clips there Bick, thanks for linking 'em :) Recommend others to check 'em out.. atleast the shorter 'Humans Need Not Apply' clip. The automation industries have taken huge leaps in the precision and efficiency and some of them are already prettymuch ready for market. Especially with the driverless cars. Its something not in the future, theyre already here... think how many drivers-to-lose-jobs there are in the transportation industry?



"Daimler tests a self-driving, mass-produced truck on real roads" http://www.engadget.com/2015/10/04/daimler-self-driving-truck-test/ 

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Totally aware of the rationalization, thats why I think a currency with implemented redistribution mechanism aka universal dividend is such an important thing to be discovered and researched. So, help me playing around with "mangos" and ask for features to be developed, in order to test things out that we can implement it later on in a "real world" currency.  

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Lets try to get this idea rolling a bit? :)

There's now few maturing technologies / projects / services that we could maybe use for some organizing and automation?
Ethereum (a bit complex to setup, but could be doable?)

Token systems / colored coins / counterparty (example: Tokenly)

BitShares (not too good for the long term?)

MoBUinet (still under development, but nice layout)


There's also a lot of more centralized options too as open source projects, so we could also try to get a more customized/specific system with Freicoin directly.. but that would need coders and more time of course :)
So just for starters and testers, we could try out some of these already existing projects? 

Have you guys come across or followed some projects that could be useful? :)

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