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Welcome to new forum section addition, Mazacoin :)

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This idea for having these Mazacoin subforum sections has been flowing gently on the air for a little while, being discussed a bit on the #Mazacoin IRC channel (on Freenode) and just a tad between me and few individuals :) 

I guess the main idea behind offering these forum subsections for other groups / projects is to establish common communication channels for similar ideas and similarly minded people. I see, and I'm glad to see others seem to agree ^^, that we all do benefit from working together.. where even small contribution, be it hours of man labor to a community project or writing hours of code to open source software project, can make a difference for all :)

And, sharing knowledge, learning, teaching.. or just provoking thought in civil manner between larger group of people is always more interesting and educational :)

So, a hearty welcome to all Mazacoin peeps! ^^



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