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[Developer-Bounty] Freicoin Blockexplorer 24 Freihours (120.000 Freicoins)

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120.000 FRC bounty paid to 1EHMesZiLPqZvU2mVZGeYBaQvSPRUKA8yW Transaction ID:  fb8a98fc3db932f518034f305fb86043cbc62252af57a3d8755f678aa0815f62

UPDATE: Project is finished optional targets still available. here you can find the new Freiexplorer with demurrage display: much thx@Skaro http://freicoin.info/chain/Freicoin Bounty no

I'll update the code on fa github with the current code.  If all agree her to pay out the bounty I'll get a hold of molly. Also I will get the wallet over to you arc. First we need to approve to

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