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I think most of the arguments for Merge mining can be found in the link. 

Although FRC is different in the Demurrage the fact that it is a BTC derived coin I think most of the arguments are valid.

Also given the latest Denial of Service by some group that is hell bent on burying the difficulty so high that it may never be recovered unless it is merged mined with BTC seems to be the plan. I can't see any other way around this. This mine has obviously set their target on FRC and are at regular intervals bumping up the difficulty.


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Some steps are needed to be taken. The coin is basicly useless if this continue as long as the price of the coin is as low as is it it will not attract more moners and we lack hash power to get some normal transactions on the network.

WHat are the options? Merged mining ? New difficulty filter? 

Shoot ideeas here please :)

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Given Mark and Jorge have hinted at the idea of merge mining before I can't see why it couldn't be implemented in the next version of the client.

Changing the filter really is not a viable option I think given that the only reason to change it would be to address the current scenario of wildly fluctuating hash rates. From 200 Th/s to below 1 Th/s and now we have regular adjusted Hashrate inflows on the coin to purposefully increase the difficulty. What we have now have is a Denial of Service attack where instead of forking or 51% attack on the coin these miners are denying transactions by pumping the difficulty up and not allowing for the filter to react and bring it down to a "normal" level where miners can keep the transactions moving when blocks are supposed to be 10 minutes.

At this point there is no need to really look at the strengths and weaknesses for merged mining because it really is the only option to keep the coin alive and move it forward.


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