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Alliance Budget Suggestion

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Hello Freicoins,

First of all, Molly has currently not the time to take care of the alliance funds.

@Mollycat thank you a lot for all what you did and do for Freicoin

I would be ready to take care of it if no one else steps in.

My suggestion is not to hold the coins but to use the coins for Freicoin Projects / Giveaways.


Here a Budget suggestion:

100.000 Freicoins for Bicks School / Universal Income project given out to students. They decide what they want to with it.

100.000 Freicoins for Freipay project Whoever buys or sells something that supports the Freicoin movement values gets 10% back. 50% for donations (to not yet listed projects), no matter which currency he uses, but Freicoin transactions have a higher priority.

Fore example: helping the poor, planting trees, organic food, small stores, freedom respecting software projects...

In short everything that is non harming.


100.000 Freicoins for Freiexchange project:

In short Freicoins are given away as negative trading fee.

For example: The Negative fee starts with 0 and increases with -0.1 per hour until it reaches at max -1%

100.000 Freicoins for giveawys

100.000 Freicoins for Freicoin Credit union project. In short for each freicoin you lend you get one extra to lend

100.000 Freicoins for Freimining project.

For each Freicoin you invest for FreiMining you can an extra one that mines for freicoin projects on your choice

100.000 Freicoins for Freicoin Faucet

200.000 Freicoins for Freicoin Development and Infrastructure

Feel free to suggest your project if it is missing!


For all this projects:

To be ensure fairness Freicoins received per participant or participant group can be limited


If one project goes more well then the other, i m willing to move the coins to the best functioning projects.


The requirement for these projects to start is (some internal projects can start before):


Solve the slow block issue:

- fixing the slow block time issue. Thx to Fedde and @kieranf we 23 Terrahasehs on the network instead of one

- next week two new miners (3 BTC worth) will come that will support the Freicoin Network. Thx to Fedde they are hosted for no power costs.

- who wants can buy shares in them with the Freimining project


Have the updated clients on the websites:

- currently the Freicoin client at Freico.in does not find any nodes because the node list is outdated. This must be fixed, otherwiese new users get a very bad impression

- also the electrum and android wallet should be downloadable


Have the website updated:

The links both on freico.in and freicoin alliance must be fixed.

Pools, explorers etc, I will post a list.

The faq and description on Freico.in must be updated. Feel welcome to join here.



For the moment thats all,


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Looking goodie! :)
Only thing I'm a bit "worried" that could be easily gamed is the freiexchange part with "negative trading fee". Although its only a small percentage, with low price and possible attraction from trader-for-profits it could do more harm than good? I might be wrong though :)

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I would also suggest to payout:

50K Freicoins for Kieranf and 50K for Fedde mining on Freicoin to bring the difficulty down.

Currently they would get get more Freicoins if they would mine Bitcoins and exchange them to Freicoins, but this would not solve our difficulty problem. So I think its fair to give them something in return for their effort.

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