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Greetings all! 

Long avaited update of services i can provide to the community in general. Beside hosting most of the freicoin services at this point i'll be happy to provide my services for all.

If you are in any need for :

  • Web Hosting
  • Email Services
  • Domain Registration and Administraton
  • Complete solutions for forum (free or paid versions like this one here at FreicoinAlliance)
  • Web design / Site layout
  • Wordpress
  • Shell hosting
  • Dedicated servers 
  • Crypto payment solutions
  • Larger development 
  • Other services, please contact for quote.
  • Coin daemons / Mining pools

I'll be happy to discuss your needs to provide you with the services you need. 

Everything is hosted in private owned datacenter. 

So throw me a PM here or mail me at [email protected] and describe what you want. 

Payments can be done in any coin supported by Cointopay.



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