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[BETA] Freiexchange - Updates

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I will repost the  header from FreiExchange due to the Bitcoin fork. 

During this week we will release updated exchange with multiple trading pairs.

This means that first coin to be added is Solidar (SLR) Coin that is developed and supported by @Rik8119 

During the upgrades, exchange we will be taken offline as we have some larger database upgrades to do, new hardware is installed also to make the trading go abit faster. 

Alot of patches to fix problems that have been reported to us by the users is also applied, but we continue to improve things as we discover things. Exchange is still BETA, so be aware that changes can happend from a time to another.

Thanks for your support, traders!



From 31 July to 4-6 Aug we will disable our BTC wallet due to the fork of bitcoin to keep funds safe.
In this timeframe we will use it to upgrade the exchange for multiple markets and apply alot of patches based on the reports we have recived from users.
For more information and updates, check Freicoin Alliance Forums or Join us in Telegram chat : https://t.me/joinchat/DhUSP0HP0L7B6KflgF8sAA

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