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Jolla tablet announced! Support and order via IndieGoGo

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*Edit: Campaign ended 19 Dec successfully! 1.8M raised, 480% of the target! ^^

*Edit2 (1.2.2015): It's available for order again :)

Posted about the Jolla phone discount a while back, so thought about sharing this one as well ^^ Jolla tablet available for pre-orders at IndieGoGo:

Jolla Tablet - world's first crowdsourced tablet - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jolla-tablet-world-s-first-crowdsourced-tablet/





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27/11: 3.5G and two other amazing Stretch goals added!
27/11: Micro-distributor StarterKit Perk added!
22/11: Canada and Australia added to available countries!

We have three amazing Stretch goals to give your Jolla Tablet a boost!

Goal #1 - $1,500,000: MicroSDHC support up to 128GB
Once we reach the first goal, every Jolla Tablet will be upgraded to support microSDHC cards up to 128GB! You’ll never have to worry about running out of space again. Currently Jolla Tablet supports cards up to 32GB, besides having 32GB internal storage.


Goal #2 - $1,750,000: Split Screen

Split screen allows you to view and use two apps simultaneously, enhancing Sailfish OS’ multitasking capabilities even further. Split screen is the most wanted Jolla Tablet software feature by our community at together.jolla.com, and we’re thrilled to offer it to you as one of the goals! Split screen will be available to you as a software update during Q3/2015.


Goal #3 - $2,500,000: Cellular data for $30
Our third goal, one of the most wanted tablet features by our community, offers an amazing value for our Indiegogo campaign contributors. If we reach $2.5M, you can upgrade your WiFi only Jolla Tablet to 3.5G+WiFi for a mere $30! With most tablets on the market, similar upgrade costs at least $100. We’ll make the “Upgrade to 3.5G” Perk available if the campaign reaches $2.5M. 3.5G upgrade is first offered only in EU, but we’re looking to add more markets later. If we’ll add your market after the Indiegogo campaign but before Jolla Tablet delivery, you’ll be able to upgrade your tablet with the same price. Note! 3.5G cellular connectivity is expected to be available for Jolla Tablets as a software update during Q3/2015 due to demanding certification and field testing requirements,

- What is a Stretch goal? A Stretch goal is an additional funding goal that will finance another specific feature of the Jolla Tablet.

- Why do you have Stretch goals? Why just not include all these features anyway? Making each of these features has a cost, some of them very significant cost. We need large volumes to be able to make all the features and upgrades, and also want to hear if these are the features you want and see valuable. In particular the cellular connectivity has demanding certification and field testing requirements.

- I don’t want 3.5G, do I have to upgrade? No, you can still have the original Wifi only Jolla Tablet, with the original delivery date of May 2015.

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Jolla has updated the campaign again and launched a referral program amongst those updates :)




I thought we could use this for sharing the love with Freicoiners ^^ 
So, every Jolla unit I might receive from the referrals, I will offer those up for bounties / project support / campaigns through Freicoin Alliance :)


Here's my referral link: http://igg.me/at/jolla-tablet/x/9190213

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