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    Escrow service

    Just popping in before xmas with a ideea. Played abit with creating a multiplatform for both work as a frcjam / escrow service as it's not that hard to work out a working scheme to actually make it work. But if i am going to do this, i will build a complete platform for Project funding, escrow and possible a very simple trade engine. FreiExchange (frcjam,escrow and trading) FRCJAM: Create zero intrest loans. Possible with funding with frc, wlc, btc and cash? If btc/wlc/cash it would be automatic converted to FRC in platform to make some coins circluate. Payout in frc/btc? Escrow: As topic says, simple escrow service for user to user trades. Trading: Simple orderbook with buy/sells where users can buy and sell freicoins. Also market for jam cash/btc/wlc -> FRC conversion to fund the projects. Attaching a simple possible look on the jam section. I have a lot of code laying around to construct into one platform. Just air it as an ideea.
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    Were to sell Freicoin

    Vircurex is alive again it seems
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