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  1. Yes a coop might be better. IVA? Interesting. More docs or links I can read.
  2. Ya start without legal is ok if it is ok with the Freicoin Foundation. Might be something we need sooner. Thanks Molly for checking into the charity angle.
  3. I will be there. Can we add something about formation of a non profit for the FA?
  4. Legal formation? Think we need to move on this to become a CIO. Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) UK (Non profit) / EC based is preferred since the Freicoin Foundation is already US based. http://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/Start_up_a_charity/Do_I_need_to_register/cios/default.aspx https://www.gov.uk/how-to-set-up-a-charity-cc21a 1. Set up a charity There are 6 steps to setting up a charity. Find trustees for your charity - you usually need at least 3. Make sure the charity has ‘charitable purposes for the public benefit’. Choose a name for your charity. Choose
  5. Yes Friday is best for me this week. I will be there for Hangout #4. #3 just can't make it. Very long day planned with students this Wednesday we are going to see Interstellar as a school makes a lake night meeting the night before not viable. Is anyone doing minutes or recording the meetings on Mumble?
  6. I think all these points are acceptable to me and will help us move forward in the FA. I would suggest we have at least 2 people with control and an alternate if someone can't fulfill the duties. I volunteer to be an alternate at this time as I would have a conflict of interest with while being a guarantor for the loan from the FA in the micro loan pilot project. This works for me.
  7. Are there are other projects of higher priority right now? Maybe we need to discuss this.
  8. There are also a number of companies that will provide mobile wallets in Freicoin. Maybe if we can get more donations we can get those companies to provide a quote and a larger number of us can put in donations and pay directly to get this code done professionally in a lot less time. What do others think?
  9. Many thanks Mark. I hope others have more directed and probing questions that could help enlighten us all on how sidechains will ultimately benefit Freicoin and the community.
  10. We should start following up on this program.
  11. I think we need to list a few important questions for Mark so he can give us some insight. I have a few but others should read the paper and think about the implications of sidechains and ask some probing questions to help us focus our efforts inside the FA. 1. How might this affect current exchanges? 2. How should we in the FA proceed with things like the Android based Wallet? 3. Do we need to wait for sidechains if we are trying to get bootstrapped applications that might need new coding for sidechains? 4. How might this affect current service providers like cointopay does this make them
  12. Ya I didn't even have Mumble till yesterday. Next online meeting?
  13. Let me know when you are ready to beta test. I would be keen on doing some sample "lessons" for this site as there are number of people keen on learning Montessori methods or building Montessori materials. Also I think you should incorporate the Creative Commons licenses in your walkthrough so that those posting these informative lessons are able to retain copyright or give it away and yet still get paid via your system.
  14. Let us be clear. Bounty is paid for a working app. That is simple.
  15. So where is possible to download the app to test if it is working? Single link for me to try it? Thanks Fed. That is very generous and one more example of why we are all reputable people who will pay up when a bounty is completed.
  16. So where is it possible to download the app and test if it is working? A single link for me to try it? Nothing yet right so no bounty can be released yet then. We are more than reputable to hold the coins / bounty and pay off said bounty to a working system that meets the requirements. FA might want to use an escrow if they have also put up some of the bounty I have no issues with that. I can be the escrow. I have held 80K USD in BTC as an escrow in the past so this would be peanuts in comparison. I think we who have put up the bounty are reputable and there is no need to debate that or
  17. Our students willing to test via androids at school and with their phones.
  18. If you want anything to work in terms of self-learning you still need a methodology and a prepared environment that is conducive to self-motivated learning. It doesn't require a "teacher" to be "teaching" it requires system that is able to guide or lead the self-learning efficiently with materials that allow the learner to self-regulate or check their own progress. Montessori has been doing this for 100+ years and is very effective across all cutlures and socioeconomic strata. Before you put in a lot of time into a system I would hope you can use me to help you make that system more e
  19. Whatever floats your boat I was merely trying to give you the benefit of the 15 plus years where my struggles as an educator led me to situation in my career that has finally allowed me to ability to have students educate themselves with guidance. In real terms it has given me a methodology and the importance of always providing the best environment possible for learning. Note: Effective and efficient teaching / mentoring whatever you want to call it requires or demands prepared environments and methods. Even when you remove the teacher from the equation you still need to help the novice learn
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