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  1. I tried sending some WLC from my laptop to my phone. Nothing arrived although it is confirmed sent. So it is not working properly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android.
  2. I have the old one installed and received 1 WLC today from you right? But there was no return address. Ok I will install the new one on my phone this weekend and get back to you.
  3. Yeah that should a standard for all bounties including the seeds.
  4. Situation: The current p2pool code for Freicoin doesn't work or is buggy. https://github.com/freicoin/p2pool Focus: The Freicoin Alliance is willing to pay a bounty for this to be fixed so we have a working version of the code that people can use to create p2pools for Freicoin. Response: A paid bounty will get this resolved faster and provide more opprotunities for others to create pools that smaller miners will use to mine Freicoin. Evaluation: If we have more pools less chances longer delays between blocks. I need the FA members or concerned forum re
  5. Thanks. We should do another bounty for the P2Pool as well as the code for that is messed up.
  6. Your current password is missing or incorrect; it's required to change the Password.

    THere is an annoying issue with changing your password.

    1. If you use the forget password function you can't then use a password to change your password.
    2. I am stuck in a never ending loop of having to issue a new password every time I want to log in.
    3. Can you help me end the madness? Set a temp password that is simple and I will change the password without the dreaded loop of password reset death.

    1. Bicknellski


      Many thanks Rik!

    2. Bicknellski


      The changes have been saved.

      Happy happy JOY!

    3. Rik8119


      Hi i changed the password reset workflow, so its easier now and the current password is not needed anymore.. Thanks for helping

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  7. https://blab.im/vortex-bitcoin-news-20
  8. Well noted. Thanks to Molly and thanks Arc for taking on the task.
  9. Yes I will take the idea and repost elsewhere and take orginal post I had and rework it.
  10. We should use FA funds to do rentals. If we can sell off some FRC on Vircurex and use it for rentals that be great. Is using Fed and Fabs a problem at the rental side or the Fed and Fabs pool side? P2P FRC pool not a bad idea but be nice to put back in to Fed and Fabs pool as well. We can certainly work together and share rentals and divide FRC up among us that way Kieran you don't have to be 100% on top of it when you are working rest of us can pick up the work for you.
  11. Can we look into the possibility of having Foundation funds and part of the transaction fees after initial dispensing of the coin to be LOANED out at 0% or at negative interest as micro credit for people in underdeveloped countries? Kiva style: https://www.kiva.org/ Kiva Microfunds (commonly known by its domain name, Kiva.org) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization[2] that allows people to lend money via the Internet to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries. Kiva's mission is “to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”
  12. As I mentioned via email I am ok with starting but it will have to be after the 12th of May the students are deep into examination preparation.
  13. 1. I think we should as group in the FA work on getting the remaining 5 million coins mined so we then are in situation where rewards are transactional rewards. We should work towards the 10 minute block time as the base. Step 1. Get as much mining as we can on the network for FRC until we mine out the remained 5 million coins. Step 2. Adjust mining so that we as group try and maintain the 10 minute block time if we can. Step 3. Discuss with Mark and Jorge about the mining rewards after initial issuance is complete. I do not want the Foundation to receive anymore FRC after this this
  14. Can we get a meeting of FA people interested in mining idea?
  15. As for getting more Miners that is a good plan we should work on the following. 1. Get the initial issuance of 100 million Freicoin completed at required 10 minutes per block. 2. Set a mining benchmark so that transaction rates are 10 minutes per block. 3. Keep Vircurex price stable and higher incrementally as our go to exchange at least until our own exchange is working properly then we move to it. 4. Get others to use our block explorer and exchange as the go to ones so we can avoid closures or de-listings.
  16. I emailed Coinplorer as well no change yet. I think we need to make sure any of these well know information aggregates for crypto know the changes. We have to get market cap site to use our explorer some bad info on coinplorer is used by market cap. Ultimately we need to be the default aggregate for all information going out on FRC. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/freicoin/#markets Market Cap Volume (24h) Available Supply $ 460,839 1,034 BTC $ 1460 BTC 45,962,59
  17. Vircurex Announcements 2016-04-05 DVC Delisting on 4th May 2016 The lack of DVC network hash power puts it at risk against double spend attacks. Hence we will decommission DVC on 4th May 2016. With immediate effect, deposits are no longer possible. What these two things are showing us in the FRC community is the end of FRC if we can't get things either in our own house created like block explorers, exchanges but also how the smaller coins are being systematically ignored. I think this is for good rea
  18. Ya I agree with that assessment on what needs fixing 100% with you on that agenda and thanks for clarifying.
  19. https://blab.im/darin-m-bicknell-bricx-paq-episode-1-time-date-4192016


    What's your Facebook account? 

    I want to add you to the secret group for the project.


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