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[Developer-Bounty] Freicoin Blockexplorer 24 Freihours (120.000 Freicoins)

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UPDATE: Project is finished optional targets still available.

here you can find the new Freiexplorer with demurrage display: much [email protected]


Bounty not paid out yet.





for pledging the coins.


Hi all,

for creating an open source Blockexplorer  we set up a Cooperative Bounty (Budget) of 24 Freihours (120.000 Freicoins).

If you want to work on this, please post here or message me or fedde for more details.

Features of the Blockexplorer

- Should display Freicoins Blockchain like for example https://coinplorer.com/FRC

- Should display demurrage correcly

- open source


- good to have: real time blockexplorer like: blockexplorer.com

- display of donations done to registred Freicoinprojects: from http://foundation.freicoin.org/#/donations

- good would be a fork of an existing github project, so that changes are transparent and updates are easy to make and both projects can benefit

Bet regards,


Arcurus: 10 Freihours (50.000 Freicoins) given to Alliance 

Darin M. Bicknell: -  2 Freihours (10,000 FRC) given to Alliance

Fede: 10 Freihours (50.000 FRC) given to Alliance

Fab: 2 Freihours (10.000 FRC) pledged


120.000 FRC bounty paid to 1EHMesZiLPqZvU2mVZGeYBaQvSPRUKA8yW

Transaction ID:  fb8a98fc3db932f518034f305fb86043cbc62252af57a3d8755f678aa0815f62

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explorer.sicanet.net you will find at least a block explorer for freicoin for now. Will see if i can streamline it abit more, as it shows double blocks due to the foundation coins and payouts i belive it is.

it's running on iquitos, i will pass on the github maby later today so if people want to help they can do that make it display correct. I have not done anything with the on the fly calculations based on ref hight to get the right demurrage display when you look up on a address.

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Yeah, some checks still have to be done. Essentially, I need more comparisons against what people's  wallets say to be 100% sure it's doing the same thing, because demurrage is applied at the wallet and is not in the blockchain. I see also that it probably makes more sense for 'Amount' column to be without any demurrage adjustment. So far we only checked it with foundation coins, which is mostly all deposits.


Without any demurrage deduction on amounts for address 1CvPQJiUypsARMQajjVcNfq5erxaJHNhy2,

Block 172485            35000 FRC

Block 172485              5000

Block 172492           (35000)

Block 175920            (5000)


By 175920, that account balance should be reduced by 16.58 FRC (approx. 5000(1-2**-20)**(175920-172492). I'm not sure how it was possible to withdraw the full 5000FRC. Do you have the wallet? Can you give me a screen shot?

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I just saw the address in one of the blocks, but i will check my balances if they are correct displayed.

Yes the amount column of an transaction should stay without demurrage. At that time it was that much Freicoins.

Just the balance of an address should display demurrage.

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