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Information and Donations welcome :)

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Hi All!


After a long summer i am back to work with the Freicoin again. It's been hectic but at least now i have some spare time to do some work again. It's limited but the free moments i have will be to improve things around here.


Currently mining pool has been set up again inhouse to make sure there is no interuptions. Badly the backup did not want to play nicely with the latest MPOS software so i had to reset to a clean pool. If you want to do mining again you have to register again. We only have 5 confirms on each block and gives a 5 FRC bonus on each found block.


This server has also been upgraded to newer hardware as we had some replacements on the house. Things are refurbished and put online with freicoin related services.


Electrum server has been restored also. You can access this on electrum.freicoinalliance.com

You can get the latest Electrum wallet for Freicoin at https://github.com/FreicoinAlliance/electrum-frc/releases


I will continue to fix small things as they come up and keep these services running. 


Of course nothing is free :) I would be happy for any donation made to keep my spirits up for running :D I'll do it anyway as i support freicoin fully with what i can offer and what services i can deploy to help the coin.


Bitcoin donation address :1HpqQsT1f4A1Ggz8kszuoB2zXMJ9myaMZU

Freicoin donation address:  12jpoDhcRe2iSwbN6A75aUqiA5LgKybsKR


So lets' make the 2016 a freicoin year! 


Peace out



Fedde :)

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I will add something also.


I have a lot of dedicated servers that can be made ready for rental. If anybody is interested, contact me for more information. 


It would be dedicated (no shared hosting) with 1 ip address. Linux operating system of choice.





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also made a small donation :)


I would want to donate more feddes freicoin infrastructure stuff. What do you think about donating through using the alliance, so that we can get matching? 

I would donate 50K Freicoins for it, the matching we could use for other Alliance stuff...

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