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[FA Hangouts] Online meetings (Hangouts #1 - #4)

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As I have now little more free time to spend on the computer, I'll try to schedule and arrange some of these meetings with audio+text, and if needed, video at some point.


I'm hoping we could get weekly meetups going and a place to Freicoin community to get to know each other better :) I'd think these would also help align some projects.. or allow people currently watching the developments from sidelines to participate more easily ^^

These first meetings will be just for test and get the ball running, but in the future, we could have the meetings recorded and compile/cut the most important or relevant parts of the discussion to be shared more easily in social media and with friends :) I'm willing to do the recording and editing when needed.


I will also try to note down the topics and main points of discussion from meetings, to be shared in this thread.


As I've taken a liking to Mumble (open source project with great security) for voice chats on the internets, lets start these meetings with testing it out for our needs :) It is also available for Android phones, under the name of "Plumble Free".

There is free public servers we can use to start with, but also a private server can be set up if required.

Mumble allows both, audio and text chat, so we could use that solely for the meeting, but I think we should still allow people to voice their questions and comments in IRC as well.


So, if you wish to participate in the audio part of the meeting (you dont have to talk if you dont wish, you can just listen in), have Mumble installed:





Hangout #1 - Held on October 29th | Post: http://freicoinalliance.com/topic/36-fa-hangouts-online-meetings/#entry240

Hangout #2 - Scheduled | Post: http://freicoinalliance.com/topic/36-fa-hangouts-online-meetings/page-2#entry259

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[Hangout #1]

When - Thursday, October 29th*, 18:00 UTC

Where - Mumble, server: TBA | IRC, channel: #Freicoin (@freenode)

Duration - 1 hour

Topics - Sidechain whitepaper, mobile wallet development, community projects and any other topic that pops up ;)


*edit: Correct date; 29th instead of 23rd 



The time for the meeting is not set in stone and can be changed if needed. Most suitable time for me would be after 14:00 UTC, but can shuffle the schedule around most probably to be available any time during the day :)

Please reply to this thread or hit me up on IRC if you are interested in participating or would like to request another time :)




Added: Short notes from the meeting:




Meeting was held on IRC since there were no mumble activity. Here's some notes from the hangout:

maaku (Mark Friedenbach) attented the meeting and was open to questions about sidechaims, blockstream, freicoin roadmap:

- Freicoin future plans / road map?
+ More detailed update is being prepared, but rough overview: Freicoin development (better sidechain support, security improvements/ring signatures, dynamic blocksizes (gmaxwell's idea/proposal), native issued asset "stuff" / freimarkets), merged mining discussion/decision and more.

- Pegging coins with sidechains to another coin could cause a major price fall?
+ Legitimate concern with Merged Mining, however can be addressed with upcoming/future developments (wide topic, so not discussed in length). [Topic for future FA Hangouts?]

- Sidechains would centralize cryptocurrencies?
+ To certain degree yes, but not certainly in a bad way. Having a shared network that can be globally trusted and built upon can offer some great benefits and still allow permissionless and frictionless innovation.

- Sidechains would create a one world currency?
+ More like one world network, but not exactly. There could still also be a need for alternative networks in the future (even today) for other purposes and anyone would be able to launch one. Kinda like internet, most are connected to the same "main" network, but anyone can create their own (LAN/intranet/darknet/mesh networks etc.)

- Its not possible for multiple pegged sidechains to exist?
+ Anyone would be free to create a new cryptocurrency, implement sidechains and allow only the wished block chains to participate, creating alternative "altsidechains"

- Sidechains implementation would greatly reduce/kill the number of altcoins?
+ Yes, but aims to increase the number of block chains! This is more of a ~worry for "clone coins" which doesnt bring features or functionality that couldnt be implemented or built on top of Bitcoin.

Suggestion: better communication of upcoming/scheduled FA Hangouts


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[Hangout #2]
When - Wednesday, November 5th, 17:00 UTC
Where - Mumble, server: TBA | IRC, channel: #Freicoin (@freenode)
Duration - 1 hour
Topics - Sidechains, merged mining, Freicoin roadmap




The scheduled time is again just a suggestion, so if you're busy for that moment, post the times (or date) that are most suitable for you (post here or hit me up via PM or IRC)  :)

I can make rearrangements for the day any time after 10:00 UTC.



Short notes from the meeting: 

Attendees: maaku, Fabrizio

- Freicoin / Handling of demurraged coins to be pointed/voted to be distributed to certain non-profit or project possible?
+ Possible, mechanic for this still unsolved problem. Coming features could solve this. Republicoin/freimarkets/sidechain.

- 51% Attacks

+ Complicatied issue, solutions proposed, but as with Bitcoin, remains unsolved at this time.

- Difference between Altcoins vs. Altchains

- "Subsidechains" possible? (example: FRC sidechain to )BTC, XYZ sidechain to FRC, BTC sidechain to XYZ)
+ Yup (Though with limitations from the coins features

- Transaction priority for pegged coins / censorable?
+ Same kind rules/limitations as with Bitcoin (miners deciding). Not really a real problem, but solutions proposed (ring signatures)


- How to pronounce Freicoin? :D


- Freicoin / Support for [email protected]

+ Coding needed, but supported by Freicoin Foundation

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[Hangout #3]

When - Tuesday, November 11th, 15:00 UTC
Where - Mumble, server: Freicoin Alliance's mumble server | IRC, channel: #Freicoin (@freenode)
Duration - 1 hour
Topics - Sidechains, merged mining, Freicoin roadmap, [email protected]


The scheduled time is again just a suggestion, so if you're busy for that moment, post the times (or date) that are most suitable for you (post here or hit me up via PM or IRC) :)


Short notes:
Cancelled / general chatting on IRC as no mumble participants.

Attendees: Arcurus, Fabrizio

Topics: [email protected], ongoing projects involving Freicoin.
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Yes Friday is best for me this week.


I will be there for Hangout #4. #3 just can't make it. Very long day planned with students this Wednesday we are going to see Interstellar as a school makes a lake night meeting the night before not viable.


Is anyone doing minutes or recording the meetings on Mumble?

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Yup :) Notes for the first hangout is in its announce post. Notes for the second one will be posted when I get the time to clean/finish them up :) Turned out to be a busy day today again running around the town (promoting Freicoin + contributionism to folks ^^), but hoping to get 'em notes posted this evening, or tomorrow at the latest :)

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[Hangout #4]

When - Friday, November 14th, 15:00 UTC
Where - Mumble, server: Freicoin Alliance's mumble server | IRC, channel: #Freicoin (@freenode)
Duration - 1 hour
Topics - Freicoin projects, Freicoin Alliance registration for Foundation matching / non-profit, Freicoin roadmap, [email protected], and anything else that pops up  :)



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@Fabrizio you said that maaku mentioned something in the second hangout about the Freicoin Foundation / matching / roadmap?

Can you summarize that?

Yup :) Asked about these at the end of the session, so was kept pretty basic:

- The current % of donation matching? 10% like mentioned in the site, or 100% as discussed in the Freicoin forums? --> 10%

- What kind of projects can apply / is "official" non-profit status needed? --> Organizations / Projects that fit the vision outlined in the Freicoin Foundation (FF) site can apply, no need for the official non-profit. Transparency and checks that no foul play (re-donate the received funds to oneself) beneficial. Currently the FF doesnt have these checks in place.

- Would Freicoin Alliance fit the vision? --> Didnt see no problems with it. Though, naturally, the application needs to go through the FF and is decided by the members in the end :)

*edit: ohh and yeah, the roadmap.. not much specifics, the forum post outlining these in more detail in the works ;)

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thx Fab!

If someone catches maaku or jitmon would be nice to ask if they need help to bring the donation matching to run.


I think currently helping to make the donation matching more transparent for the "normal" guy out there and to make it more regularly like monthly, or better weekly or even daily would be great. Maybe we should create a bounty for that? Or is there someone willing to look into that, I am ready to help, but would be good to have someone who is more familiar with web-programming who can help me to learn the basics.


Mainly I see these tasks TODO:
- 1.  Help to host a sever that runs the donation matching. The "donation matcher" could be filled manually on demand, so there is no big risk to loose funds.
- 2. Advancing the donation matching script,so that it outputs which organisation got which amount. (At best it would create automatically an html page to display that. Also the current value* on donation time and on payout time would be great to display.
- 3 Sending an information email to the organisations after matching is done.
- 4 Advancing the donation matcher, so that it displays donations per organisations and payouts per organisation (both total and per month / year) the same also in the current value* 
- 5.Adding an settable limit per organisation to prevent malicious use. (see below)
- 6 Advancing the donation matcher, so that it uses multi sigs for its receiving address and advancing it, so that he is run on X different servers that all must sign.

* At best in gold ounces or even better average working hours or something like that. Its really time to get rid of this fiat stuff!
To cycling protection: I think there is no need to spend much effort on that right now, because first of all someone can trick it with using exchanges or registering two organisations. So its better to require transparency from the organisations which get a certain amount of Freicoins per month.
So the donation matcher should have a limit per organisation. If that is reached someone has to manually increase the limit after he checked if everything is right with the organisation.
Of course a tool to help to find malicious donations would be nice to have, but is not the priority right now.



Finally I created now a Topic for that here:


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unluckily my internet connection was very unstable ... so I hope Fab can post some summaries.

Main Talk was about proof of stake and donation matching.

Hopefully we can continue soon the discussion with maaku.


By the way, can't we move the hangout topic to a more visible forum?

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