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Project - More Exchanges for FRC

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BTER lost a few million. I am trying to get my coins out. Problem it is in CNY. I wanted it in FRC. Hope things reopen.


Be nice to get my 40K worth of FRC.





BTER Unable to Repay Customers Following Alleged Exchange Heist 



Defunct cryptocurrency exchange BTER claims it doesn't have enough funds to reimburse all its users, following an alleged seven-figure hack.

The Chinese exchange closed earlier this week, issuing a statement via its website that 7,170 BTC had disappeared from its offline wallet – around$1.75m at press time.

Speaking to CoinDesk, a BTER spokesperson claimed CNY and USD withdrawals would resume within a week. However, the company said it is still exploring different options to make all its customers whole, including selling the platform.

"Hopefully a qualified party (especially a trusted security team) will take charge of it in the future," the spokesperson said.

Second hack in six months

Twitter users expressed disappointment and suspicion following the closure, which marks the exchange's second high-profile breach in six months. In August BTER lost 50m NXT, then worth around $1.65m, which, according to reports, was partially returned following negotiations with the hacker.

This time, reimbursement of the platform’s various cryptocurrencies, including NXT and counterparty, remains uncertain. The spokesperson simply reiterated the company's earlier Twitter announcement that withdrawals would be running "soon", after BTER's wallets are declared safe.

The individual did not provide further clues as to how the company's cold wallet was allegedly compromised, adding only that "the trading platform was never affected but we need to make sure the wallet environment is safe for withdrawals".

Vigilante bounty

According to its Weibo post, the exchange has reported the incident to local authorities. Additionally, the company said a 750 BTC bounty is on the table for vigilante hackers willing to "chase back" the stolen funds, which the exchange claims documented in this transaction.

The spokesperson said BTER's team were following up a number of bounty hunters' leads: "Got a lot of useful information from our users. We are working on it."

If verified, the BTER hack is the second biggest this year, following the £5.1m that vanished after Bitstamp’s hot wallet was compromised in January.

Hong Kong company MyCoin, which made headlines this month with rumours of a possible $386.9m hack (over 10% of bitcoins currently in circulation), is now believed to be a ponzi scheme that did not hold digital currency at all.


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Situation:   We currently have only 3 full time exchanges to convert Freicoin. There are easily manipulated via bots and unscrupulous miners engaged in dump and dump schemes.   Vircurex Cryptsy

We have 957 votes at Bleutrade we are number 1 on there at the moment.   If you have any spare BTC go for it we are the verge of being added.  

After I noticed Bluetrade listed FRC I checked the live trades of FRC. Not a great number of trades or volume. For all the hard work from everyone that goes into getting FRC listed I think we all need

They seem to have opened their markets again? :)


"@btercom: No trading FEE in all BTER's markets for one month to thank all of you for your support !"


"@btercom: Bter Announcement: Continue to operate and pay back to users.Check the details and the payback plan at https://bter.com/article/4760"


*edit: Login works and balances are visible (unlike earlier), but trading is still disabled.
*edit2: Withdrawal is also disabled: "FRC withdrawal is disabled"

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I have asked Indonesian Bitcoin Exchange about adding FRC.


-----Original Message-----From: Darin Bicknell Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2015 11:23 AM> We would like to see FRC or Freicoin added to Bitcoin.co.id. How do> we make that happen?



Dewi   10:32 AM (14 minutes ago)Halo Bapak/Ibu Darin,Wait a moment Sir/Madam , We will confirm in advance to our finance team.Thank You.Regrads,Dewihttp://bitcoin.co.id



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BTER still up selling FRC.

Bluetrade took FRC down no volume

AskCoin still up selling FRC.

C-cex.xom? Never heard that one.

Crypsty dead. 

Vircurex I believe still trades FRC.

I have tried also to get the Indonesian exchange to add FRC. No luck.

Bitcoin Indonesia - Buy and Sell Bitcoin


My thoughts are these:

1. The very nature of all these hackable exchanges are built on unnecessary trust in a 3rd party. Keeping coins in 3rd party hands at this point in time at any exchange is foolish. Given the advance in the internet and encryption there are better ways to trade coins.

2. We need an exchange platform that allows for direct trade / exchange without a 3rd party having control over the coins.

3. We should fork the Bitcoin OTC and improve on it for FRC. http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-brokers-trade-millions-without-exchange/



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Haaha, nice

Well, i think the best place is to move all the freicoin trades over to askcoin as this is the only exchange that actually got demurrage on the orderbook plus i have spoke quite a bit with the owner when he set it up. And the fee for deposits and withdraw are probarly better than bter.

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This webpage is not available



The server at askcoin.net can't be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website's name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.

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There was someone mentioning that i should port my project to Ether, but i do not know how and the information on how to work with ether are rather rare and not for me to understand. My main Problem is that i dislike that you are completely dependent on ether once one choose that path and i can not say what the advances are /(except a stable block creation).

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