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Hi again, since my commet is off topic for the other threads it fits most in here. Thanks to @fedde 's exchange, the fresh ideas from @Skaro , @Adilado and @jtimon i am now again looking at freicoin with confidence. I am really exited to see the "freiexchange 2.0" in action and think that we will find a way to adopt Freicoin to the new situation to make up a worldwide freiconomy without debt and dangerous bubbles, because that was what we are here for since 2013.

I am now fully in FRC again and given up the positions in all other coins feeling good with it. I hope our ( @Bicknellski  , @Arcurus ) call  for do or die was the wake up call we needed.

Thanks Rik.

BTW i am fully standing behind a HF if we need it to bring new needed features to Freicoin.

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1 hour ago, fedde said:

Cool! Will you work side by side with your SLR coin also?  As your coin is first to add to the multiple markets when we finalize things during the upcomming week.

Yes, with foundation coins burned, both coins will have a complete different setup (demurrage is all thats connects them then), so i see no direct competition here. Investors speculators and in the end users will decide. As i see it both coins can profit from one another.

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On 7/31/2017 at 3:56 PM, Adilado said:

Fedde mentioned a Freicoin lottery, what if all demurrage went to the lottery pool instead of to miners, this could be fun for speculators/investors/holders and could raise interest in the coin

We had 100's of ideas posted on this about 4 years ago I think. Sadly the devs didn't like any of the proposals.


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