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Merry Christmas everyone!

It's been a while since I posted here. My apologies. I've been quite busy getting a proposal for MAST implemented and reviewed, which is exciting in its own right [0,1]. I now have a bit more free time to devote to freicoin in the coming months.

Back in September we agreed to wind down the foundation and to burn the left over funds after finishing the remaining charitable matches. I pulled out the donation matching code and started updating it to work with the current versions of its dependencies. However there was one snag that caught me by surprise: the script expects the foundation keys to be loaded into the wallet of the node it uses, meaning that testing of the script requires a hot wallet of the foundation funds. I'd forgotten that watch-wallet support wasn't added to bitcoind until 0.10. So for safety reasons, as leaking this key material would be devastating, I'm working on the freicoind rebase right now instead.

Rebasing to higher versions of the upstream bitcoind is made significantly easier in theory by the prior per-input value truncation soft-fork we deployed in the last release. In practice however we need to do a big chunk of work to refactor the freicoin patches to make use the simpler approach this allows, and then we will see the gains. I'm working on that right now, switching the code for the latest official release to use input truncation and taking advantage of the patch size reduction that allows before rebasing to more recent versions of bitcoind. I am also getting the upstream gitian build process working for freicoin rather than the custom solution I had been using in prior releases. I'll make a new post when these refactored and rebased releases are ready for testing and review.

Also I have one more announcement: there will not be official support (from me) of Freicoin-Qt going forward, and it will not be included in the official release binaries. I'm sorry, but maintenance of GUI wallet takes a lot of time and I have limited resources to devote. Hopefully someone else is able to take up this burden and we can re-add support for it. But even if no one does, the reference wallet remains accessible from the command line and RPC, which is what services need, and consumer wallets are maintained by the Freicoin Alliance (Android and Electrum I believe?). One of the reasons for this is that I want to devote time to support hardware wallets, using the Ledger Nano S platform, so there is that benefit :) That project is waiting until the rebase to current bitcoin core is complete however.

Onwards and upwards!

[0] https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2017-September/014932.html "Merkle branch verification & tail-call semantics for generalized MAST"
[1] https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2017-September/015028.html "An explanation and justification of the tail-call and MBV approach to MAST"

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Hi @Mark Friedenbach,

thank you a lot for the update! Is there any git-repository you use to keep track of the changes? I really like to contribute to the development, although my time is also limited and its possibly way above my skills ;-)


@fedde does it make sense to implement the importprivkey method into the bot? In that way you can use your own keys without installing a wallet..

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9 hours ago, Bicknellski said:

Freicoin-Qt going forward Anyone... anyone... BUHLER BUHLER?

So is anyone looking at taking on the Frecoin-Qt? 

Looking into the Freicoin-Qt means that the deamon has to be finished first. I dont see this happen in the near or mid future. But when it comes to the point that it needs to be tested/bugfixed i sure can throw some time at it..

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On 1/17/2018 at 1:08 AM, Rik8119 said:

Looking into the Freicoin-Qt means that the deamon has to be finished first. I dont see this happen in the near or mid future. But when it comes to the point that it needs to be tested/bugfixed i sure can throw some time at it..

I think this is something that can be an Freicoin Alliance bounty if required.

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