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    Fabrizio got a reaction from Arcurus in [ANN]-[FreiLectrum]-[pre-alpha out today!]   
    If you're in that much in doubt about the people behind the bounty, I would be fine with reputable escrow, Mollycat for example, to hold the bounty in this case if you require. However, this is a whole another discussion/process we need to have then.. not just to agree with selecting the escrow amongst the bounty contributors, but also with drafting careful terms with loads of unnecessary tinyprint etc. for releasing the bounty :F
    I'd hope we could reach an easier solution here. I liked to believe that the bounty would've been there to promote the common good values behind Freicoin itself, and allow the community to work on projects and problems together
    Like Molly posted above, I think we are all dedicated contributing towards Freicoin and see the obvious consequences on the reputations of each entity if the bounty wouldn't be paid for honest work
    Multisignature accounts would be interesting to test though, so I think we should maybe indeed have some opinions and discussion going on that front for the BTC part of the bounty, maybe even FRC too hopefully?
    So in the end what I'm trying to say about the bounty: It would be much more in line with Freicoins ideals, more transparent and way easier for everyone involved, if you would apply for the bounty when there is a fully working version released. With reports from multiple users reporting no major bugs, tested on multiple different mobile devices and all that jazz I think we all agree the time is more well spent on actual testing and developing, than talking the ~politics (the bounty escrow terms), hehe
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    Fabrizio got a reaction from Arcurus in Canadian Senate hearing on Bitcoin   
    Good watch, and a great video to share to "common" folks
    Andreas M. Antonopoulos answers Canadian Senate Committees questions regarding cryptocurrencies. Stream from the Parliament of Canada website can be found here: http://senparlvu.parl.gc.ca/Guide.aspx?viewmode=4&categoryid=-1&eventid=9692#
    Demurrage briefly mentioned too:

    *edit: Time tag doesnt seem to work when embedding videos here, demurrage part @ 1:15:30 onwards
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    Fabrizio got a reaction from Prometheus in Service / Job Portal   
    As this has been briefly discussed in other threads and is simple to get started, lets do this

    To have a full-featured, yet simple and user friendly service will of course take some time, but we can start the development here in the forums. And in a way, the forum is maybe one of the essential parts of the full service
    So.. I'd request a new forum category, Freicoin Community (or something else more fitting), with the following sections:
    - Services (For individuals offering and requesting services, like teaching, baby sitting, apartment or car sharing, tour guides, etc.)
    -- (subforums: Online, Local)
    - Jobs (For non-profits, small businesses and individuals to post job offerings and CV's/job seek)
    -- (subforums: Job Offers, CV's)
    - Market (For buy / sell / give)
    -- (subforums: Buy, Sell, Give)
    Some templates would be posted on each forums to be used for people posting a new thread. This would make it easy to create a webapp for easily listing and creating them in more user friendly way.
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    Fabrizio got a reaction from Prometheus in Service / Job Portal   
    For example, in services, someone (*wink wink* Prometheus *wink wink*) could post something like:
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    Fabrizio reacted to Prometheus in What? Landless nations?   
    I believe the future of nations is borderless and landless. There will be traditional states and national denominations also in the future, but I believe we will also see the advent of decentralised nations issuing passports and legal security to people living anywhere in the world. Some sort of unions or organisations issuing economic and juridical frameworks for it's subjects. 
    A nation is its people, it's tax-system and its laws, not politics and billion dollar elections or millions of square feet of more or less useless landmass. Most politicians are basically laymen with big mouths and an untamed desire to have the last say, and often, the people working for these politicians are normally much higher educated and are in most cases the people who actually do what the elected politicians have negotiated.
    I believe the time of politics and traditional 'king and conquer' belongs to the past. Only in the last 50 years have we seen what could be called "just kings" or "reasonable governments", then again during this time nearly all kings were relieved from their power and the national govs were put under UN scrutiny and other international charters. Kings were turned into what they really are-- archaic hatstands. Very expensive archaic hatstands. The future will bring nations where people are not bound to live in a specific place or pay taxes to the ones who actually owns all your property (they just make you pay for it so you can pretend you actually own land, but in real world you actually don't really own anything), and cashing in 10 times it's value in a normal lifetime.
    The new kings will run their nations like businessmen and scientists, and issue health insurance and educational services and sort out trade agreements and offer security and diplomatic services etc. And they will have to deliver quality and be really good at it in order to keep their subjects loyal. In the future we will not elect wankers to be on top, but we will simply choose our nation among many available ones, based on what is best for you and your family, your business, economy, education and health etc. 
    How does this apply to Freicoin? Well, it's a Frei world out there waiting to be conquered. And that world needs ingenuity like demurrage and the idea of a coin without denominations finding value in the cost of making it-- it's a good one. When will we see the first such nations? Give it 20 years, and I guess people are probably talking about it. At least Richard Branson of Virgin and Dietrich Mateschitz of Red Bull.
    The first thing such a nation will need is *drumroll* -- currency. Well, it could issue it's own fiat or choose dollars, but cash and banks cost more than it tastes. Such a nation will needs a currency like Bitcoin and Freicoin, and their coins themselves will be their stocks, tax and payment combined. 
    I believe internet and crypto currency are the first major steps towards the development of landless nations. In the future, our nation will be in the cloud. Below is a sketch for the flag of my Global Kingdom of Mitoria:

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    Fabrizio reacted to fedde in Forums   
    If we need more forums, please let me know and we can create them.
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    Fabrizio reacted to Bicknellski in [Developer-Bounty] Freicoin Bounty - Mobile Wallet - Done   
    I will match the bounty.
    0.2 BTC and 20k total from me
    Edit. I hope others see the benefits of spending some of your mined FRC on bounties. Just minimal investment like this could help bump the value of FRC well beyond our small inputs.
    Think bigger picture everyone.
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    Fabrizio reacted to Arcurus in [Developer-Bounty] Freicoin Bounty - Mobile Wallet - Done   
    I also!
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    Fabrizio reacted to fedde in [Developer-Bounty] Freicoin Bounty - Mobile Wallet - Done   
    As i want to establish some essential tools for Freicoin in general and i think it's about time that we involve some development not just of the coin, but make it easier to use and develop on. (yeah, everybody can spend it on a exchange, but i was hoping i do not have to drag my pc on a trolley to the shop to pay for a product)
    After some discussion with the current donators we decide to make this as a single bounty for a mobile wallet in general (android / iOS)
    The full bounty is for creating a mobile wallet for Freicoin. 
    As there are several crosspost over several forums, this thread is the only one valid with up to date information and the only place to claim the bounty.
    ----- added ------
    Bounty can be claimed for a fully working wallet for android / ios, released open source and provide binaries for those who do not know anything about compiling code. It needs to be a fully working product that everyone can use and it needs to be stable. Think user friendly, not something that just you as a developer understands. 
    Some examples on type of wallets we have in mind to get implented on freicoin, but not limited to:
    - https://github.com/schildbach/bitcoin-wallet
    - https://github.com/bitcoinj/bitcoinj
    - https://electrum.org/
    - https://github.com/bitpay/bitcore
    - https://github.com/bitpay/insight-api
    - https://mycelium.com/bitcoinwallet
    Freicoin Source code at github: 
    Total Bounty : 1 BTC & 100 000 FRC
    Donations :
    - Fedde 0.2 BTC & 20k FRC (Given)
    - Bicknellski 0.2 BTC & 20k FRC (Bitcoin part given 4260 FRC given rest given by Arcurus in advance)
    - Fabrizio 0.2 BTC & 20k FRC (Given)
    - Arcurus 0.2 BTC & 20K FRC (Given)
    - Maaku 0.2 BTC & 20K FRC (Given by Arcurus in advance)
    From Freicoin Forums maaku has made another 0.2 BTC and 20K FRC, this makes the bounty for 1 BTC and 100 000 FRC
    Update 17/12-2014 by Fedde
    - Skirmant delivered a wallet based on bitcoinj and schildebach's bitcoin wallet and is working. Source code delivered on github. Bounty Claimed.
    - Fedde and Arcurus have put up 100.000 FRC in bounty for finishing the Electrum wallet. That way we have 2 ways of handling Freicoins.
    Update 21/12-2014 by Arcurus
    - Bitcoin part (1BTC) is payed out by Arcurus to Skirmant.
    UPDATE 2/06-2015 by Arcurus:
    Freicoin part of the bounty 100.000 FRC is payed out now:
    Transaktion ID: b1aa6644dea35ca3b6eac3199b7870e68cbed5d757b546a9a9cb3f76f9e84fe7
    For direct contact use : [email protected]
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    Fabrizio got a reaction from Arcurus in How we could encourage the development of the Freicoin infrastructure   
    Thanks Arcurus!  For the welcome and your clear comments!


    Ahh, I indeed phrased that misleadingly.. or actually outhright incorrectly.. I was aware of the sole purpose of foundations role for the distribution, but I guess I assumed the knowledge of the fact that the developers are mostly in "charge" of the foundation, that the point I was after was clear   
    So thanks for pointing that out! Great entry to have in the FAQ 


    I agree here  I will look into this more and see if I can contribute ^^


    Yes! The Freipay would be the thing I see would have a great effect on Freicoin adoption  I will happily try to help with the project and can act as an "transaction handler" if needed 
    I have also scribbled a process very similar to your idea to be part of the "Platform to confirm interaction" I described. Like you have the gold/silver/black projects, I was thinking of having the reputation system to score the organizations rating for the matched donations. For example, if organization has received a big % of negative feedbacks from employees/donators/associates, it would be categorized as black project .  
    So as this is something that would drive the platform idea further, let me know what is needed!


    I will read into this in detail when I get the chance : )


    I'd see these simple social media tools to be a powerful driver for adoption of use, especially for Freicoin  : ) Think combining the Freipay with tipbots ; )
    But you are right! Concentrating first on the donation matching and freipay is wise and needed to be done first ^^
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    Fabrizio reacted to Arcurus in How we could encourage the development of the Freicoin infrastructure   
    Hi Fabrizio,
    first of all thank you for joining! Nice to have you here!
    Regarding to the Freicoin Foundation, I think there is a misunderstanding. Currently the Freicoinfoundation is not meant to support the core development of Freicoin in any way. Currently the task of the Freicoin Foundation is just to issue 80% of the coins, through alternative transparent, fair, issuing methods then mining.
    See for in the Foundation FAQ:
    Since the beginning of  Freicoin Mark wanted to have the Foundation task and the Developer tasks separated from each other.
    Sadly at this time there was no one who wanted to handle the foundation stuff.
    So it is now as it is. 
    But back to the topic:
     "What actual services would you guys see to be the most important ones to help promote the idea behind Freicoin?"
    At this time I think the best would be to focus on the part of Freicoin, that makes Freicoin different then other coins.
    Currently that's mainly the donation matching.
    First we should focus to bring that to run.
    To make a simple program, that matches the donations daily should not be that difficult, but still we needed somebody to program it.
    So here are my suggestions for really unique Freicoin specific projects:
    The donating matching and foundation funds must be much more transparent, so that also non technical people can see what is going on. For example the matching program could create some html code to display the matching.
    Also an donation counter which organisation has become how many donations in which time period. 
    More to that here:
    These things are the basics!
    We should focus on developing Freicoin specific projects like the Freipay Gateway, that helps to boost Freicoin payments. Such projects could bring real use cases to Freicoin. 
    Some kind of light wallet like electrum would be nice. Even better would be a deterministic web wallet, which has functionality like electrum, but could be saved like bitaddres to make sure, that the code did not change. 
    This wallet should also include the ability to send and receive 40 byte messages over the blockchain.
    With these messages we could test some kind of decentralized voting.
    We should keep on developing republicoin, to show, that an other decentralized and fair method other then mining is possible.
    This would be equal to have a virtual Freicoin state / Federation. 
    More to that you can find here:
    Of course all the other stuff, especially social media tipbots would be nice to have, but that is not what makes Freicoin different from other coins.
    It would be really great to have these social media tipbots Fabrizio suggested, maybe in combination of giving some coins per day/ month to social media users this would be great.
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    Fabrizio got a reaction from Arcurus in "Bootstrapping" - Rebooting Freicoin   
    I agree here, clear vision to show the difference of demurrage cryptos needs to show thorugh  What is the current needs in todays world that can be addressed or changed.. what is needed to change the world further? 
    To provoke everyones thoughts a little further.. think about what you would say was the most basic, but most important idea or need that was achieved with Bitcoin the currency if asked by someone who dont know nothing about the bitcoin technology? What was the need or needs it addressed? 
    And then.. what is still to be addressed the Bitcoin itself cannot address?
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    Fabrizio reacted to Arcurus in A must read! How Freicoin is Perceived from the Outside!   
    Hi Freicoiners,
    here is an crosspost from the Freicoin Forum:
    I think that this review is a great opportunity to learn how we are perceived from the outside and what we can do better, especially now when we are starting the Freicoin Alliance.
    This review is now a little bit old, but I think the most points are still the same.
    And yea, some parts are really funny, just to mention the Freicoin "mystical" marketing expert, so take it with fun and enjoy!
    We should really read this and learn out of this how we are perceived!
    In the following I commented it a little bit self ironically (some parts was too funny to resit  :roll: ), I think to lough about the own errors is the best way to learn! 
    Don't forget we are all human! And humans make errors all the time! That's the reaon to be humans, otherwise the evolution would be boring!
    Here are some real targets to work on... how about we focus on these areas?
    This is a review from 2013 and nothing much has changed.
    "Freicoin is a crypto-currency descendant from Bitcoin which has integrated a unique system to discourage saving or hording coins called demurrage. Demurrage is basically the cost associated with holding currency. With a commodity such as gold the demurrage would be the cost of storing and securing the gold. In Freicoin’s case, the developers have deliberately instituted a demurrage fee into the protocol which automatically deducts and destroys coins held in your wallet over time. Sometimes referred to as ‘rotting coins’, it was included in the protocol to encourage spending and to discourage hording or saving. 5% of the total FRC supply is destroyed each year while miners continually refresh the supply with new coins through the mining process."
    Ok, on that we should work. Bringing at least 50% of the demurrage to common good projects would sound much more nice, then people perhaps understand that Freicoin "could" be more then only demurrage... 
    "The Freicoin developers have some very specific economic and political leanings and appear to be reaching out to specific social interest groups. They appear to have some type of loose association with the Occupy Wall Street movement and actually mention this group several times on their web page. The Freicoin web page goes into great detail arguing that interest has been the cause of inequality, poverty and the regular boom and bust cycles throughout history. The Freicoin community is mostly concentrated at their own forum (link) but also has a number of posts on Bitcointalk.org. Most of the discussion appears to be oriented to practical aspects of the use and development of the alt-coin and seems to have minimal political and socioeconomic diatribes."
    Lol, "Most of the discussion appears to be oriented to practical aspects of the use and development of the alt-coin", I think they are mainly talking about my posts here  
    If they understood what this "development", for example of supporting non profits, or an decentralized coin rebublic would mean, then they would see, that this could have a big political and socioeconomic impact. Imagine only 5% of all the money supply yearly goes to non profits, in what a word we would live in, not to talk about the an possible impact of an World Citicens Divident or Economy where ethical businesses are supported... uiuiuiuiui  
    "Community Support – The community support of Freicoin can be considered part of a real-life movement. The main priority for this coin’s developers and community is to convey their opinions about the current monetary system, they could almost be considered as an organization. The drawback of this isolation is the lack of appeal to gain further value. The developers remain very active, but again have a very small core audience. In this case, some of their rhetoric may not appear friendly to some. None the less, Freicoin has support from merchants and services; But, future acceptance may not be so kind to this coin."
    Lol, thats to much "convey their opinions about the current monetary system" who of you was that? Yea But Gesell said
    "some of their rhetoric may not appear friendly to some"
    Hey come on who was that? Was that I? Please remind me if I am too "not friendly" or so  :twisted: 
    "Exchange Presence - Freicoin is currently listed on 3 exchanges: Cryptsy, Bter and Vircurex. Cryptsy retails the largest volume for Frei, but still pales in comparison to most alternative coins. Due to the lack of volume, future exchange support remains unlikely."
    Thats true, if we dont build up a community, an don't proof that Freicoin is just a money with demurrage, than no Exchange will help us, because nobody wants to exchange something. As always said, for we the most interesting part in Freicoin is what we could all do good with the demurrage. If we do good with it, and are a little bit more welcoming, then perhaps also more people will use Freicoin.
    Technical Advancements - Demurrage remains the most appealing and the only technical feature for Freicoin. Due to this anti-interest, Freicoin has implemented a system where wealth becomes more equal (in a sense) through the destruction and replenishing of coins. An interesting concept, very few alternative coins seek to replicate this idea.
    Doogy Doge has it, ok its more inflation then demurrage, but the result seems to be the same... Ok Jorge I give up I said nearly not exactly the same For the protocol: In a way demurrage is a little bit more fair collected then to simply inflate (as long as it is not given out in an fair way, for example as Citizens Dividend or something like that), and has also another psychological impact. I just remember that guy that post in Joes lost coin Topic, that someone is all the time stealing his coins...  :roll: 
    Coins Source’s Outlook - Ultimately, this coin remains somewhat shrouded in a mystery. After roughly two years of being on the markets, it has seen success. The major curiousity is the developer, or the lead marketing expert behind the coin, who seems more interested in intellectual talk instead of supporting the coin. Efforts to make this coin are virtually non-existent, and the lack of marketing efforts reflect on Freicoin’s current decline.
    Thats the best, I cannot hold anymore. I allways wondered who is this mystical "marketing expert" behind Freicoin. Is it Jorge or me  :roll: 
    Or is it Joe? No no way or?   <-- UPDATE Yea it must be JOE!!! Jo the mystical market expert, now I know! I got you JOE!
    Community Support: 2 Stars (2 / 5)
    Hey come one, we have not been that unfriendly, i would give a 4, ok if we count that our Forum is very very hidden on Freicoin.org, I would give a 1, so perhaps 2 is ok...
    Exchange Presence: 1 Stars (1 / 5)
    Hmm 3 good exchanges, I would give at least a 2
    Technical Advancements: 1 Stars (1 / 3)
    @Maaku come show them some geek stuff and bring out Republicoin  (Republicoin in short: decentralized voting system to distribute the demurrage in an fair p2p way)
    Coins Source’s Score: 2 Stars (2 / 5)
    Whats that?
    Frei’s Score | 1.7 /5
    Not that bad, ok that was one year ago,perhaps we get now 1.2???
    Hey we could do a lot better then that or? At least 1.20000042 we should manage or? 
    Come on get out on the street, join the Freicoin Alliance and hey stop discussing economy* and start coding!
    All the good,
    * Discussing economy you can do on places which are devoted to that, like for example the main  economy lecture hall  called "easy credit lecture hall" in the University Nürnberg,near my home city near the big easy Credit food ball stadium former called Franken Stadium and no, that's no joke! I wish it would be!
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    Fabrizio reacted to Bicknellski in "Bootstrapping" - Rebooting Freicoin   
    We are now in a critical juncture of the Kria. One where the coin resides in a limbo world of very few uses and still fewer miners and still fewer hands on the coin. Although value of the coin has dropped to nearly the lowest level ever this community still have strong feelings that this coin has potential. Given the proposal from Mark and Jorge on Freimarkets it would behoove everyone with interests in Freicoin to help fund that crowdsource idea. 
    What we hope to accomplish in the meantime is a "relaunch" or "rebranding" of the coin so that we can ride the wave of discord and backlash against the 1000s of junk pump and dump coins that keep being born over and over again. 
    What can we do?
    1. Get the right information out to as many relevant websites, blogs and forums as we can.
    2. Get more exchanges adding Freicoin to their list of accepted coins.
    3. Get more payment gateways applications using FRC so that people can accept and trade FRC.
    4. Get more companies buying / selling items for FRC.
    5. Get more people mining our coin.
    6. Establish a clear vision for Freicoin.

    7. Establish a longer term goal for the use of the demurrage for good. 
    The challenge?
    Well simply put the real challenge now is really get a wider base of users and stakeholders. We have watched so many plans, good ideas, suggestions and what not be proposed for years now. What we can't keep doing is making proposals and doing little to follow up and complete such projects.
    We also need to be inclusive and to bring in new blood. We need to excite the imagination of user with exciting projects like Freimarkets but also to make FRC more user friendly.
    There is also the challenge of the Freicoin Foundation with 80% of the coin and no realistic way of dispensing it all within the time frame they proposed. It is more than likely the 80% is going to go into destruction. We as a community need to be aware of that fact and we need to do what we can to protect that 80% of the coin base from being used inappropriately.
    The first step?
    A meeting of interested parties.
    Set a single goal for each party with a deadline to complete it.
    Set goals that require little financial investment but provide the biggest impact on bootstrapping the coin.
    Band together and pool resource when we have a clear objective.
    Meeting to be held in September.
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