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  1. We had 100's of ideas posted on this about 4 years ago I think. Sadly the devs didn't like any of the proposals.
  2. Is this a suicide pack Rik. KRIA OR DIE!
  3. Bicknellski

    Won't confirm

    Any follow up on this?
  4. Or happy they dumped this dog of coin now before it completely implodes. LOL! J/K KRIA TO THE MOON!
  5. I think this might be a DOA idea unless you want to work with some other devs to fork FRC or create a new coin as Jorge is suggesting. If the core devs are not keen that might be a good reason to drop it perhaps?
  6. A plan moving forward please. Seems we have agreed to some things. And again somethings like POS vs POW have already been discussed before Arc and I would defer to what Mark and Jorge have said on this issue we don't need POS. As for freimarkets colored coins etc... what are the developers willing to do? I think 1 and 4 seem agreeable to most. Let's see that done and maybe we can see a more concrete plan moving forward. If everything now is going to be run through the forum and discussed great. But what is the agenda? What do we need etc. The foundation question seems mostly solved. Someone wr
  7. It might be tangential to this discussion, however it is not tangential to this community in that if you promise to deliver changes on what we are voting on then fail to follow up on developing the coin further why should we invest time? You and Mark have not really been setting development goals and updating the coin over the past two years. I think it is also important to note that giving up on the idea of foundation (Mark and Jorge's idea) is just one more signal that you want to divest yourself of responsibility to this tiny community. That might not be the intention but it sure is what so
  8. I vote for 1. Bury them and move on. That might be painful but in reality there is ZERO movement on the coin currently. Demurrage is meant to make the coin move and it is the ONLY thing that makes this coin unique to other offerings in the cryptoverse. What we have had for nearly 2 years is a dead coin limping along with four or five people funding little projects here and there with little or no Developer support. Any plans that attempt to recirculate these coins of the foundation now are really not going to be a 'fair' distribution which is the exact warning that was given to the foundati
  9. Plenty of RAM nodes are a bit slow connecting... still need 300k blocks. Crazy slow on my laptop with 8gigs. I have not set up the better computer yet just wanted to test getting it loaded on this laptop first. Might be easier to buy ETH at this rate.
  10. I am still trying to update block chain... ugh... 700,000 more blocks to go.
  11. I used to mine BTC with my HD7970 Radeon in 2013 so i will probably run that at home overnight or i might build a new rig for mining at school. I was hoping we could merge mine with ETH on fed and fabs pool ... but alternatively for the short term https://ethermine.org/ probably do that or a p2pool for ethereum.if they exist.
  12. LOL Im still downloading the chain not sync yet. 1.7 million of 3.8 million completed.
  13. Is anyone else here in the Freicoin community mining or using Ethereum? If you are it be great if we can work together on testing and using Ethereum personally I want to play with and learn more about Ethereum but use it to help improve FRC. Maybe it would be good to somehow get add on to Ethereum wallet for FRC direct exchange. https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/guides/how-to-mine-ethereum/
  14. Great suggestions. Etherum is definite one we need I will have a look at those two links thanks. How do you get a grant coin wallet?
  15. We need to discuss which coins would be unique additions to the market so that we can have niche that draws more people to trade. Rather than have too many or fashionable coins that hot now but potentially dead later what criteria would make for a good freiexchange coin market? Could we discuss those ideas and then add coins that meet our needs?
  16. There is no need for Clark to troll. He has promised to leave FRC alone again or at least this forum. I suggest he open up a separate forum where he and Joe can delude others. Polite to everyone but those two jokers and their schemes. Sorry not going to pretend to be nice for either of them given the havoc Joe had on this community when he ran off with funds of others.
  17. Clark you keep enabling Joe and are his mouth piece here. So if you want to keep supporting his efforts to rip off more people then go right ahead. If you want to support the coin moving forward I suggest you disassociate with him. I don't need to send anonymous letters or threats. It is simple. Joe is bad news. You support Joe. You should rethink that support. As for leaving and never coming back that is no one loss for this community. As for suggesting others do the same they should really take what you are saying with the understanding that you support Joe who has lied and stolen
  18. Hey Clark cuck you and your enabling of Joe while you are at it. Does that help? I hope that makes it clear how I feel about you clowns, but please by all means keep being a passive aggressive ass-hat and delete your posts covering up your troll bag of tricks. Either you want to support the development of the coin and improve it or you want to be a troll. You can't do both so choose. No one left in Freicoin is here to have flame wars and counter productive conversations. So I suggest you either drop the trolling and get on board or just go away. We do not need the drama and to be hon
  19. I suggest that the forum is the faucet or faucet like. So by being involved / subscribed in a forum or freicoin application we can distribute kria. If we are going to give away Kria it should be in a way that the alliance or FRC gets more users.
  20. How about we go through his "apology" to the community line by line. 1. He is in debt and there are no miners left. No one should be enabling him to restart his FRC pool if he took out 10k in loans and 250k in medical debts and expect that his pool will operate any better than last time when it shut down and people were left without any recourse to recoup what they spent on investing in miners. I dare say that the pool that Fredrick runs never needed to go into debt to operate. So I find that what Joe did was really irresponsible and foolish at best or just pure bullshit. Unless h
  21. He has started a pool by invite only. Given the losses of others in the past dealing with him, it would be something to avoid. If he were to make good on what is owed people, pay them back their losses, then maybe people could trust him again. I do not see any upside to encouraging him or supporting him.
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