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  1. Thanks Fabrizio. I have uploaded these to my google drive for my students use. Yes I think as we discussed Fabrizio an IPhone version of the FRC Wallet is important and should be a priority.
  2. It might be good to try and pick a time best for Arcurus. So I hope I have this right. India has a weird half hour time shift just like Newfoundland in Canada I hope that is correct. Here is the link:https://blab.im/darin-m-bicknell-freicoin-alliance-blab-e02s01 If the link doesn't work just look on the main BLAB page for LIVE blabs and click on the Freicoin Alliance Blab. I will email everyone on the Alliance and interested people. _______________________________________ Event Time inBengaluru, India 14:00IST Wednesday, 20 January 2016 E
  3. 3:30 pm WIB. Jakarta Time. 1:25 hours from the time I posted this message. LINK has countdown clock. https://blab.im/darin-m-bicknell-freicoin-alliance-weekly-podcast-e01s01-1
  4. My students are ready to receive and divide up the 200.000 FRC Arc suggested. Challenges: 1. Android FRC Wallet where can they download it? 2. Iphone FRC Wallet where can they download it? 3. I have asked one student to take the donation directly and then distribute it. I will have her post a note in the forum here for that with wallet information. How should we proceed?
  5. I have asked my students to use the mobile wallet for Freicoin to get payment from the Freicoin Alliance. One student will distribute the 200.000 FRC to the rest of the students as soon as we can get her a mobile version on her android phone. Is there are iphone version? As some of the students have Iphones.
  6. Blab is open to all. I think it is ok since most of our plans are freely online on this forum anyhow. Agenda for tomorrow Fab?
  7. Yes have a greenhouse / mining operation seems a viable option. Tomatoes for Freicoins.
  8. Do we have an information or FAQ type area for new people potentially? Also the Freicoin Price Index is not working.
  9. Still looking for Freicoins Molly? I will try and recover what I have on my computer but I would be willing to sell some via paypal.
  10. I would like to suggest a standing meeting time for Blab.im. It is an open video chat format that we can record and upload to YouTube. One thing we are lacking is a following. Miners particularly and given the weakness of the coin it might be important that we do more to be inclusive. I think an open format where we can discuss Freicoin and a universal income might be a good way to draw more subscribers to Freicoin. Here is the first Blab come talk about Freicoin here everyone. We can adjust the time. All you need is a twitter account. https://blab.im/darin-m-bicknell-freicoin-alliance-p
  11. Yes that be good. Need to start using the FRC we have more often. I don't see a lot of use of the coin currently other than dumping on the market. I will match that as soon as straighten out my FRC wallets.
  12. Thanks Fed. I will donate something something soon.
  13. I am going to be asking our students to develop dutch bucket hydroponic systems that can help feed small families. This is something that can be subsidized as we are going to give labor freely as well as demonstrating to poor families how to maintain dutch bucket systems. This might be worthy of donations. I will have to brief my students and do a pilot project in school first then expand out to the community,
  14. Humans Need Not Apply is a 2014 short Internet documentary film, directed, produced, written, and edited by C. G. P. Grey. The film focuses on the future of the integration of automation into economics, as well as the worldwide workforce. Grey & Brady introduce themselves after 18 episodes, working in public on the Internet, humblebragging revisited, a list of words that we mostly can't say on the podcast, the sacred space of calendars and 8 ways robots will take your job. This is why your idea is an EXCELLENT ONE although someone has to pay for the mining / transaction upkeep
  15. Bank of England could set NEGATIVE interest rate: Move would mean that rather than earning money, savers would be charged for keeping their cash in the bank http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3240086/Interest-rates-need-cutting-zero-says-Bank-England-s-Haldane.html
  16. I think given the lack of support inflation to 0% is weak argument given now we have only a few machines even mining FRC. At this point no action might be best given there is no real activity mining or otherwise on the coin.
  17. Sorry Mark... I was not mistaken. Obviously if you want to change the PLAN go right ahead. But to be honest this is not good for the coin to now break that promise. There are other points posted in several threads where the 3 years after launch the distribution was to take place http://freicoin.freeforums.org/demurrage-should-it-all-go-to-miners-t20-60.html. If the foundation was unable to meet it's projections then an alternative was stated that it could be destroyed. I don't want to go through all the forums and track it down but I will just stand on the github declaration and expect that th
  18. I will review this... thanks for the heads up Mark. My only question really is that the 80% of foundation funds not distributed by December 2015 will they be 'destroyed' as per the original commitment? As it was stated clearly initially that the 80% was to be redistributed completely within 3 years of launch and if that failed to happen the funds would be simply destroyed if I am not mistaken.
  19. I would register if they give 1:1 not 1:0.1 that is not what I call a good way to distribute funds. They are going to have to destroy 80% of the coins in December. Registering for a few Kria here and there won't help.
  20. Well meals are logistically, for us, way too hard to do as we have to find the needy kids in the local area and their parents usually provide meals we are keen on education as that is often that last thing that parents provide for. Some projects have tried to help but the money sometimes goes to parents and immediate needs for housing and what not and not education. We will review this. As for Africa the school I am interested in supporting could use funds for buying a bus to help transport more poor kids to school who would normally walk 2 hours to and from school. I will start thinking abo
  21. Ya that is not possible Arc the students I have are not the end users. These are poor kids dealing with government or other schools that require school fees etc. What I see there is no way to register remotely if there is no way to exchange to fiat locally. CMS Students register, get funds, exchange funds and then pay for needy kids school fees locally is the only way this could happen.
  22. We have completed the build for the basics for the solar charger but we have 1 dead LiFePo4 battery that we need to get RMA on so I am working on that. We also got a quote on installing a solar array at our school. Here is the 50W panel battery pack charging power banks from used laptop batteries we repurposed.
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