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Coin supply

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For more transparency here a short overview what the supply of Solidar was and what it is now:

Initial distribution phase (Blocks 1- 25k): 20 000 000 Solidar mined. 19 800 000 association coins for UBI/Basicincome and 200 000 Coins for miners. Mining rewards reward till Block 86000 1% = ~0.73 coins / Block. Mining reward now: 0.1% = ~0.073 SLR. That means during the next ~10 years coins available through mining will decrease from 200 000 to 20 000 coins.

Coins that were distributed by basic income were only a few hundred by now, so negligible. All bounties were payed from my personal wallet. Main supply is coming from mining atm but of course i hope this will change, so we increased the monthly payout to 10 SLR/capita. But atm there are only a handful recipients.

Many greetings Rik

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To make a rough calculation for the mined coin supply it will look something like this:

mid next year: 162 000 coins

in 2 year: 130 000 coins

3: 106 000 coins

4: 88 000 coins

5 81 000 coins a.s.o.

So quite some gross deflation in total.

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@Arcurus The current coin supply is extreme hard to tell (estimation above). you have to calculate the coins that are distributed by the bot minus demurrage (only a few hundred atm) and mined coins. Mined coins is also a bit tricky as the block reward was reduced but demurrage is still calculated on all previous mined coins -i made an estimation above-.

You can always check the number of registered users by sending "CountUser" to the bot.

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