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  1. Kria back program good idea. Matching from foundation using demurrage?
  2. Participating in discussions... activity in reading and responding... starting threads... doing blogs etc. all worthy of funding. Not so much about getting "rich" posting nothing important but rather being recognized as a contributor is a good model. People should get a universal income if you participate in the community, society, vote etc. Democracy is work. Work has value.
  3. I like participating in the forum as a default kria faucet... great idea. I would hope that the demurrage could be used to help pay for something like this and others not just FA projects but other places and people getting demurrage for FRC focused project areas.
  4. Yes this is good Arc. The demurrage should be involved in paying for things like that though... wish we could get more such things going so there are multiple areas giving out FRC so it is a different version of an kria "faucet"
  5. Spend (donate) wisely. We need a user base to support the developers. How do we get more users / fans / subscribers to Freicoin?
  6. Hey all, Fredrik and I have recently donated 50,000 FRC to the Freicoin Alliance. Here is mine. 7e2e1285fa... 181360 181359 2017-04-29 08:20:16 50000 51.44335373 167240.0201252 FRC Will you match our donation?
  7. Done. Status: 0/unconfirmed, broadcast through 2 nodes Date: 27/04/2017 16:07 To: Bounty Arcurus 1Gdemcgkm8LtbJ4wdR2NTWHFWrsY6WNrsB Debit: -10000.00 FRC Transaction fee: -0.0000000202267926378590889813238614004725283430791135836130761758505208502097248539353113727656818809919059276580810546875 FRC Net amount: -10000.0000000202267926378590889813238614004725283430791135836130761758505208502097248539353113727656818809919059276580810546875 FRC Reference Height: 180880 Transaction ID: 2bf7d9942f39584f0e5095aff2675872c86e8676227819f42df16667bea78d97
  8. Well worth the coin... we should discuss a bounty.
  9. or... 1 penny each to a million or 0.10 cents each to a thousand. Value is minimal... distribution of valueless coins seems trivial at the moment. I love the idea. Just impractical when there would be zero demand for pennies and you can't spend those pennies anywhere.
  10. Well you could see last time an address was used right? Can be searched via block explorer.
  11. I guess a lot of the 20% in circulation is dead coin... lost wallets etc...
  12. Gone? Interesting. Maybe people trying to hold the coin?
  13. Colony Beta Overview The Colony Beta is for teams who want to create their own “Collaboration Network”—a place to work with, incentivize, and track the contributions of a network of collaborators. It combines task management with “payments” and tracking. https://colony.io/ https://blog.colony.io/ https://blog.colony.io/colony-beta-product-summary-2121a357d61d#.5170n0slh
  14. Now... what is weird is this. I had some sort of 400K FRC short fall when I put the keys into the new wallet (got new wallet installed) and then I had a blockchain error reported by the wallet and then yesterday reinstalled the block chain from 0. Result: The lost coins reappeared. Something funky going on from old wallet / chain to new wallet new chain with keys from pre fork time. So Skaro... I am not sure what is going on. But something was not right how the new updated wallet was reading the old wallet.dat file and comparing that to the updates coming from the n
  15. My aim is Zero poverty as well. FRC can help with that aim I am certain. Without interest money will circulate. Freicoin is the way.
  16. I think this would be a great place to support here in Indonesia. A trained montessorian has set up a foundation in Germany and created a Montessori school that is free for Indonesian poorer families in Lombok. This helps promote peace as well as giving these children an excellent education on the Island of Lombok. ======= Info: Published on Feb 6, 2017 Futura Indonesia e.V. is a non religious and politically independent registered charity organisation under German law. It is managing a tuition-free Montessori Children’s house and Primary School on Lombok Island/Indonesia f
  17. Well it LIVES. Freicoin Devs that is. My wallet still not sure. Can't wait for that fix. Will try your work around Scaro. Using the Zip files. This is what I did. But will this work? 1. Extracted files from ZIP. 2. Clicked on FreicoinQt 3. Updated blockchain. I guess this won't be the new wallet update but rather the one currently installed. I should do the following: 1. Back up wallet. 2. Delete Freicoin Folder in AppData / Roaming 3. Replace wallet dat with saved one. 4. Update blockchain. Note: I am still not sure if I have actually got anywhere. I
  18. Hope to have our own exchange set up soon. BTC to FRC and back. So that will make things easier. Ask Fedde to join the beta. http://beta.freiexchange.com/
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